Kristioffer Ørum
Since the beginning
Works in Copenhagen Denmark

Kristoffer Ørums ongoing projects focus on the ways media and popular science influences our everyday lives. His work is based on popular science, its myths and its ways of presenting itself. In a number of different projects with Anders Bojen he has created miniature universes of absurd knowledge and pseudo religion. The mixture of fear of, and belief in, the future conveyed by the mass media becomes a shiny soap opera, where the destiny of the human race is in the hands of mysterious forces and bizarre experiments.
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Adventures in Immediate Unreality

Fri Jan 08, 2010 00:00 - Wed Dec 30, 2009


9/1 - 30/1 2010
Opening Friday 8/1, 5-7 PM
Beaver Projects, Strandlodsvej 15, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark

Adventures in Immediate Unreality

Beaver Projects proudly presents the solo exhibition Adventures in Immediate Unreality by Anders Bojen & Kristoffer Ørum (1976/1975). Since 2001 the two artists have worked collaboratively on a variety of projects ranging from internet projects to outdoor video, sculpture and performance projects. Adventures in Immediate Unreality consists of four separate events in space and time, all unfolding and changing during the exhibition.

- A green surface with a green smell of newly mowed grass provides a tactile as well as abstract sensation of a landscape both well-known and unreal. Every day during the exhibition period the surface will be painted with green chlorophyll extracted from grass. As the chlorophyll fades and changes colour, and one opaque layer is covered by another, patterns reminiscent of a landscape will begin to emergence.

- Computer generated landscapes in films and computer games increasingly influence the way we imagine alternatives to our present day lives. In collaboration with Ardor3D, who have worked with among others NASA, the artists have developed a real-time 3D programme. On a flat-screen panel continents emerge on one globe after another in an infinite series of alternative worlds. Each potentially inhabitable world is a unique computer generated model and exists only while it is observed.

- During the exhibition a printer will print out emails describing fictional events taking place on Amager. These messages will simultaneously be sent to random email addresses in the local Amager area close to the Gallery. Each email contains a unique, computer generated text, announcing fictional construction projects ranging from the plausible to the fantastic. These spam mails to strangers will become part of the ongoing re-imagining of Amager carried on by local government, private enterprise and other forces: What used to be a mixed working class and industrial area is turning into an up-scale residential area.

- A tangible piece of immediate unreality - a fragment of a much larger ornamented architectural structure - cuts through the walls of the gallery forming an inaccessible space within. This wall can be seen as a piece of utopian architecture or a fragment of a computer game. It draws equal inspiration from computer games and Russian Agitprop, thus commenting on the ways in which heroic utopian ideas live on in computer games and other elements of popular culture.

The diversity of Anders Bojen & Kristoffer Ørum's work springs from their fascination with the way in which media seem to penetrate everyday life. Anders and Kristoffer collect material from both the immediacy of the everyday and the unreality of the media and process them into projects of their own. The associative nature of these projects prompts the spectator to think about his or her own relationship to the myths of today’s media-saturated reality.



Radiant Copenhage

Fri Mar 27, 2009 00:00 - Sun Mar 22, 2009


Radiant Copenhagen

March 27 at 5.30 pm Radiant Copenhagen is unleashed in the streets of Copenhagen at Overgaden - Institute of Contemporary Art. The opening offers an apocalyptic show as well as a general presentation of the project. March 28 at 12 noon and 3:00 pm a free guided bus tour sets off into the radiant future of Copenhagen, please book your seats on

The artists Anders Bojen, Kristoffer Ørum and Kaspar Bonnén together with PhD in Literature Rune Graulund have worked with a team of architects, artists, designers, journalists, engineers and musicians to create a new vision for Copenhagen, an imaginary future as a reaction to the present day. All contributors share an interest in alternative realities and how these, through the internet and other media, play an increasing important role in our common understanding of the world.

Radiant Copenhagen is an internet based project spreading into the world through various staged incidents. For example a person discussing the evolution and superior intellect of vegetables with local green grocers in Nørrebro, a procession for a new religion marching through the streets or a group of seemingly random people at a bar in Frederiksberg arguing over the Ministry of Danish Design.

Radiant Copenhagen is a device to challenge conventional thinking, an assault on the collective imagination of Copenhagen by which new possibilities for change are established. Be there for the opening March 27, check out and otherwise prepare yourself for a new Copenhagen.

Contributors to Radiant Copenhagen are Kristoffer Ørum, Anders Bojen, Rune Graulund, Maja Zander, Kaspar Bonnén, Stig W. Jørgensen, Palle R Jensen, Ida Marie Hede Bertelsen, Peter Rasmussen, Kasper Hesselbjerg, Ulrik Nørgaard, Daphne Bidstrup, Andreas Pallisgaard og Kristian Haarløv. will be accessible from March 21.