kristina maskarin
Since 2004
Works in Rab Croatia

Anthropology of the Contemporary

Non hi-tech digital project of 'reading' environment

Urban Island >

Applied artist and linquist, also a new genre artist interested in exploring visual rhetorics and the intersections of art, activism and new technology. Since 2000 working primarily in digital media for the internet. Her work has been shown internationally in online and offline venues such as Stoke Newington Art Festival, Art Addiction 1st Medial Biennial, Absolute, Artmajeur, D'Art etc.

"The conditions and means of artistic creation have changed drasticly through development of technology, usage of numerouse tech- tools and with the transition to new virtual territory.

Humans became chief designers of the environment and life on the whole. Environment today and in the future is about designing versus chaotic / natural growth. "Letting go" of design might be one of the hardest and most unnatural things to do, yet can perhaps elicit rewards far greater than humans can produce.

New art genres are formed in the digital sphera; to fine 2D arts, digital art actictivism, webart
interventions, new visual arts and variouse projects with combined new medium technigues.

However, the new media also has its limitations; such as modality of creating by tool tech- grade or availability, fear of virtual non freedom ( profiling, closed environments, controlling, subjection, discrimination...). New media artist become not just visual designers but social activists as well. That is what I and other digital artist do, in real or virtual world."

Links to Project pages:
- AtelierK Portfolio:

Latest project:: Digital pattern :: researches possible ornament application.


for another convergence of place and mobile technologies

- Then colaborative art project at

- The museum of rumor at


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Re: Re: Conceptual Art

Jim Andrews wrote:

> > But why be so concerned about the amount of time something takes to
> > make, or the amount of effort?
> I'm not. If a thing is made more or less as easily as pressing a
> button,
> then there are a gazillion just like it made by a gazillion other
> people.
> ja

More often than not, the technology in itself becomes the message. The previous faith in the artist genius has been passed on to blind faith in media/ technology itself.


Re: Noise

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Re: Re: Re:

C505 wrote:

> oh and newer noise from us is here.
> no Flash, all quicktime.

Is the tech tool and (de)coding all that matters...
2 Questions:
What are you saying with the Noise and Why?



Re: Re: Re: Re: what exactly IS new media?

there are rabbits and 'rabbits'.
art definitely gave up to design.
Total merge of the industrial design, marketing and media as main reality moulders augments the virtual obesity in content and form. And I agree: The phrase "new media" essentially indicates potential retail mark-up value.
Environment today and in the future is about designing versus chaotic / natural growth. But design should be conscious of the humanity and environment and integrated in the whole ( production & trade & product after-life).

no design is also design.

"Letting go" of design is at once one of the hardest and most unnatural things to do, yet can often elicit rewards far greater than had we put our mind to something. Any ideas on how to encourage this "liberation"
from art/design?