Klaas van Gorkum
Since 2004
Works in Rotterdam Netherlands

Iratxe Jaio (Basque Country, 1976) and Klaas van Gorkum (The Netherlands, 1975) share between them a sense of dislocation, which would account for their keen interest for what makes up cultural identity. Iratxe Jaio was born in Basque Country, but lives currently in the Netherlands. Klaas is Dutch, but has lived in Africa for most of his youth.
In their collaborative work as artists and filmmakers, they strive to uncover the social and ethical patterns that lie at the basis of society.


Parallel Ports 2004
Marea 2004
Langs de Lijn. 2003
Huisje, Boompje, Beestje. 2001

Klaas van Gorkum:
Snapshots, de van Musschenbroekstraat. 2000
White Car. 2002
Ouderen aan het woord. 2001

Iratxe Jaio:
A twenty-four hour a day revolution. 2002
Welcome to Belfast. 2004