I am a 23 year old London based creative specializing in highly detailed hand drawn artwork, graphics and illustration.

The drawing technique I have developed is incredibly labour intensive and often consists of forming layered tonal imagery from thousands of tiny lines in Biro pen, the strength in it lies in using an everyday object to produce something of worth and depth which reflects the way that social groups are formed by individuals being compounded together, this is contrasted by blunt text borrowed from instinctively selected yet relevant forms of popular culture such as film, contemporary literature and graphic novels. My work is realized through an examination of the psychological relationship that we hold with mortality and how this relationship affects the societies and social groups in which we live. It encompasses references from both popular culture and significant historical shifts in social attitude and morality. My thought process has been somewhat influenced by the philosophical theories of Julia Kristeva, Georges Bataille and Ernest Becker, with particular note to Kristeva’s development of the notion of the abject and Becker’s view of society as a defence mechanism serving to protect us from the recognition of our fear of death, an all encompassing complex distraction of sorts. I have also found inspiration in the works of contemporary artist’s such as Chad McCail and Laurie Lipton as well as photographer Diane Arbus.