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MAAP in Beijing - online and in Beijing - MAAP announcements

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MAAP in Beijing
(MAAP -Multimedia Art Asia Pacific)

MAAP Festival will be held in Beijing
Official Opening 20 October
21 Oct- 3 November.
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MAAP 2002 in Beijing will encompass a range of new media art exhibits,
Online projects, screenings and lectures addressing issues of audience
awareness and critical engagement with works by artists using technologies
and screen based media. MAAP will present the festival in 3 core venues in
Beijing. The Art Museum of China Millennium Monument, The Central Academy of
Fine Arts, The Loft New Media Art Space.

Since MAAP's inaugural festival in 1998 it has been based in Brisbane,
Australia and Online supported by a mix of government, corporate and
sectors. MAAP presents a rigorous annual festival program of new media art
and technology that has included work from China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia,
Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Philippines, New Zealand Vietnam and

Highlighting the China-Australia 30th Anniversary of relations, the MAAP
Festival is preparing to move to Beijing, leaping into the region to create
a unique cultural event and exchange.

Artists include Zhang Peili (China), Wang Gongxin (China), Zhu Jia (China),
YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES (Korea), Candy Factory (Japan),
Patricia Piccinini (Australia), Shilpa Gupta (India), Jeffrey Shaw
(Australia/Germany), Craig Walsh (Australia) and many more ...
Major new media installations and commissioned works developed for the 31
metre video wall driven by 56 programmable monitors at the Art Museum of
China Millenium Monument. The Central Academy of Fine Arts is hosting a one
month residency with Australian artist Justine Cooper who will prepare work
for this big screen. Artists projects are delivered through CDR, DVD,
digital video, screening programs and program events include lectures,
symposium, artists talks and interactive social events!

This year's MAAP Festival theme "MOIST", is an evocative adjective,
suggestive of conditions relating to life; growth; humidity; humanity. These
loaded references unleash imaginative poetic associations as wide as a fine
foggy mist, a first kiss or a sweaty palm. Art meets technology in a mix of
emotion and wires!

MAAP in Beijing has been collaboratively achieved with the generous support
and advice of our partners; The China International Exhibitions Agency, The
Gohua Group, The Art Museum of China Millennium Monument, The Central
Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, the Australian Embassy in Beijing, The Loft
New Media Art Space.
MAAP in Beijing is assisted and supported by The Australia Council, Arts
Qld, Macromedia, The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, The Australian
Film Commission, Apple, e-translate, Brisbane City Council, QUT Creative
Industries, Griffith University, Media Hotel, Beijing, Singapore Airlines.
Program support from fineArtforum, Rhizome, ANAT, Experimenta, dLux, The
Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Art Center Nabi, Videotage, ISEA

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MAAP '02 "MOIST" Beijing 23 October - 10 November

Multimedia Art Asia Pacific
Beijing 23 October - 10 November

This years MAAP Festival moves to Beijing with the festival theme "MOIST" a=
n evocative adjective suggestive of humidity; life; growth; loaded with
references as wide as a fine foggy mist, a compost pile, a first kiss or a =
sweaty palm. Postioned in seeming oppostion to the mechanics of technology,
MOIST will explore artists emotive infusion.

The MAAP Festival is a contemporary art cultural event that explores the ne=
xus of art and technology across a range of art forms and practices
emphasising interactive multimedia, net art, digital video, video installat=
ion, and projects integrating new media.

MAAP will present the festival in four core venues in Beijing.
The China Millennium Monument - an impressive official building equipped wi=
th excellent exhibition space and state of the art IT capability. The venue=
boasts a 31 metre curved screen made up of 56 programmable monitors and h=
as Broadband capability. This venue will focus on Chinese/Australian
new media art work.
The East Modern Art Centre - The large exhibition hall will accommodate maj=
or installations by 15 international artists.
The Central Academy of Fine Arts - Artists residencies program, forum
The Loft New Media Art Space - CDR, screenings & artists talks

Since MAAP's inaugural festival in 1998 it has been based in Brisbane and O=
nline presenting an annual festival and regional satellite events with a
mix of support from government, corporate and educational sectors.Unprecede=
nted support is emerging from our hosts in Beijing and we look
forward to an exciting event that will attract the attention of Chinese and=
international key audiences. This year the Festival moves to Beijing,
leaping into the region creating a unique event and opportunity that also c=
elebrates the 30th Anniversary of China Australia relations. MAAP includes
artists from over 12 different countries and will be the first internationa=
l contemporary art exhibition imported into Beijing from a foreign organisa=

for further information:
Kim Machan
Festival Director