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<applause> that is an apt description for most art .



Ars Virtua Remembers Jean Baudrillard

On March 17, 2007, Ars Virtua held a small wake for the passing of Jean Baudrillard. The event was held in World of Warcraft and telecast into Second Life in our first trans-instance event. The audience was small but very engaged. Documentation which includes a copy of the live video from WoW can be found on our Baudrillard Wake page.


-thomas asmuth


Public tribute for Jean Baudrillard on World of Warcraft

Sat Mar 17, 2007 00:00 - Wed Mar 14, 2007

Public tribute for Jean Baudrillard on World of Warcraft.

Ars Virtua will be holding a public tribute to honor the late social and political theorist Jean Baudrillard. Jean Baudrillard's criticisms and view on Simulation are influential to our discussions of the MMO.

This short program will be held on the WoW Kilrogg server, 4-5pm PDT, March 17, 2007 near Orgrimmar. Please send tell to Zuluu upon arrival in-world for the location.

Ars Virtua is a new media center and gallery located primarily in the synthetic world of Second Life. It is a new type of space that leverages the tension between 3-D rendered game space and terrestrial reality, between simulated and simulation. Ars Virtua is sponsored by the CADRE Laboratory for New Media.

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