Kevin Hamilton
Since 2002
Works in Urbana, Illinois United States of America


Through artworks, organized events and lectures, performances, street-actions, and teaching, Kevin Hamilton explores how human agency is constructed or denied through new technologies of liveness or representation. He has lectured or conducted workshops for Glowlab's Psy.Geo. Conflux in NYC, Bratislava's Multiplace Festival, the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival in Rotterdam, and at the New Forms Festival and Western Front in Vancouver. Online exhibitions have included University of British Columbia's Digital Visions, Bodybuilder and Sportsman Gallery in Chicago, Drain Magazine, and in the Dutch design competition, Fusedspace. Gallery exhibitions have included shows at the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, Marshall Arts (TN), Boston's Arts Interactive Gallery, and at Spain's Ciberart Bilbao and MADnet festivals. From his base at the University of Illinois, Hamilton co-organized 2005's Walking as Knowing as Making symposia, a series of weekend-events that gathered artists, activists, historians, critics, and geographers to discuss the role of walking in their work. He also curates a program in temporary site-based art for UIUC's Siebel Center for Computer Science. He studied painting at the Rhode Island School of Design before attending graduate school at MIT's Visual Arts Program, where he graduated in 2000.
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looking for jim

sorry to us the list this way

but I'm looking for James Buckhouse

we were in undergrad together in Providence, but I've lost touch with
him and need to talk to him about getting TAP into a new venue

if anybody has his email, could you send it me?

or even better, if Jim is reading this, send me a line?


Kevin Hamilton
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign



attending to absence / pretense of presence

Dear ____________,

I continue to desire knowledge of your presence, even as I neglect the task of nurturing a friendship through real communication.

In this spirit I would like to invite you and yours to try out a new means of telecommunication. You will find it at this web address:

I hope you find it useful, and that this email finds you well. I do miss our regular contact.


Kevin Hamilton