Kevin Hamilton
Since 2002
Works in Urbana, Illinois United States of America


Through artworks, organized events and lectures, performances, street-actions, and teaching, Kevin Hamilton explores how human agency is constructed or denied through new technologies of liveness or representation. He has lectured or conducted workshops for Glowlab's Psy.Geo. Conflux in NYC, Bratislava's Multiplace Festival, the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival in Rotterdam, and at the New Forms Festival and Western Front in Vancouver. Online exhibitions have included University of British Columbia's Digital Visions, Bodybuilder and Sportsman Gallery in Chicago, Drain Magazine, and in the Dutch design competition, Fusedspace. Gallery exhibitions have included shows at the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, Marshall Arts (TN), Boston's Arts Interactive Gallery, and at Spain's Ciberart Bilbao and MADnet festivals. From his base at the University of Illinois, Hamilton co-organized 2005's Walking as Knowing as Making symposia, a series of weekend-events that gathered artists, activists, historians, critics, and geographers to discuss the role of walking in their work. He also curates a program in temporary site-based art for UIUC's Siebel Center for Computer Science. He studied painting at the Rhode Island School of Design before attending graduate school at MIT's Visual Arts Program, where he graduated in 2000.
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Report from MULTIPLACE 4 in Bratislava, SK


I just returned from visiting Bratislava for the first time, on the occasion
of the fourth annual MULTIPLACE New Media Culture Festival, a growing and
exciting event that has me buzzing. I want to share a few words with you
here in the interest of making sure that everyone knows what's happening.

I've been collaborating with some of the organizers of the festival for a
couple years, namely the members of BURUNDI (formerly known as BURYZONE),
and so I was real happy to finally get over there and be part of things.
What I found was an enlivening, broad, critical, political and social
conversation that jumped from lecture to street to concert to workshop to
pub to flat.

True to its name, MULTIPLACE is spread out across several cities, but the
bulk of the events are held at A4, the central headquarters for BURUNDI and
ATRAKT ART, the organizations responsible for MULTIPLACE. Though BURUNDI and
ATRAKT ART have some overlap in membership, BURUNDI is primarily identified
as the New Media unit, while ATRAKT ART tends to focus more on music, and
the publication of 3/4, a beautiful and smart-as-hell magazine that features
articles on wayfinding, Slovakian bus shelters, book and disc reviews, or
profiles of designers and artists.

This year's MULTIPLACE events got started with a concert by Dalek a couple
of weeks ago. This week saw things get really rolling with a whole series of
concerts, lectures, openings, and screenings. Kevin Blechdom, aMute, Guy van
Belle and Alva Noto all performed - we also saw presentations by cultural
organizers such as Zeljko Blace of egoboobits in Zagreb, or Annemie Maes of
Belgium's 0kn0. Gallery exhibitions and screenings are spread out all across
the calendar and the map. I gave a talk on my work, and conducted a
psychogeographical workshop/project in connection with my other
collaborations with BURUNDI.

Though the programming is great, what makes Multiplace special is the people
and the space. The core team is experienced, dedicated, hospitable,
informed, and challenging. It's a regular superfriends lineup of talents and
fields, with expertise in open-source software, library and information
science, art history, video, sound, networking, urban planning, design for
web and print all represented. Most outstanding is that all of this
expertise is couched within diligent and responsible attention to both the
immediate social and broader public faces of events.

During the course of my short stay there, A4 was transformed into a
media-lounge for hooking in on your own, having a drink, tinkering with
home-made scrap boxes running open source platforms and networking software,
or viewing the continuous stream of projected material from BURUNDI's
library. Represented there were videos from Edmar and the gang at
Select/lumpen in Chicago,, the Video as Urban Condition project,
VJ material, ARS electronica stuff, tactical media, and numerous documents
of projects in the Czech and Slovak Republics, Holland, Russia.

The days added up to a feast of shared information and resources, with
swapping of stories about projects seen or made, tech problems solved or
created, organizational and political strategies.

With sponsorships from the Goethe Insitute and the British Council, and new
partnerships with organizations as far Providence and Bangalore, these folks
are clearly seeking a global context for their very vibrant local actions. I
heard of "business trips" to Transmediale, as well as separate jaunts to
London, Sheffield, Brussels, or even Dakar to conduct and attend workshops.

In short, you should keep an eye on these efforts, and send stuff their way.
There are some promising models at work there - if you're anywhere near
Bratislava on your travels, a visit to A4 will be well worth your time. And
check in on their smartly designed sites periodically to see what's cooking.

Kevin Hamilton
Urbana, IL


Re: Pod Pals

Ivan and Matthew

I agree that this piece might serve well as a starting point for critique -
only I would ask not "How is this art?" but "How is this unlike commerce?"

I'm curious about how exactly this work will differ from the dreams of
telepresence marketed by the telecom industry. Is 24-7 telepresent
connection the pure fulfillment of these dreams, or, like Marinetti's car
crashed in the ditch, an absurd manifestation that reveals their inevitable

From the proposal and description, I suspect that it's more the former than
the latter - though even with Marinetti it's hard to tell. The project could
perhaps learn a bit from Tehching Hsieh and Linda Montano, who lived
together for a year tied by a short rope. (I always heard that they ended up
requiring legal mediation.) There is plenty sinister in companionship, and
plenty of obstacles to connection in even the clearest line.

I'll be following with interest.

Kevin Hamilton

On 3/2/05 3:41 PM, "Matthew Mascotte" <> wrote:

> ivan-
> I see no difference in how the project is being
> established and all the other moblogs/podcasts
> out there both in terms of content and concept.
> i'm questioning why pod pals has been
> elevated to the status of art... Turbulence funding
> and a Net Art News review is what I mean by important it
> has been contextualized into the Art scene before its
> even happened and as far as i can tell its gonna
> operate just like a mom and pop blog.
> A running critique throughout the project's run
> (especially a formalist one) would be very interesting indeed...
> I'm game if you are.
> respects,
> Matthew
> On Wednesday, March 02, 2005, at 04:24PM, Ivan Pope <> wrote:
>> Is this a question you always ask about art, or does this bother you for
>> some reason? Why does it have to be 'important'? Why do you think we are
>> being asked to 'contemplate'?
>> We can do an online crit if you like, might be fun?
>> Cheers,
>> Ivan
>> Matthew Mascotte wrote:
>>> i'm wondering where the Pod Pals project fits into the
>>> overall scheme of things. ok, the project calls attention
>>> to the importance of digital gear in our daily lives
>>> and is utilizing popular modes of connectivity (podcasts,
>>> inNetworks, etc) but is the material recently haked from
>>> Ms. Hilton's cell phone Art? As significant (and cool) as Mandiberg
>>> and Steinmetz are what is it about their upcoming moblog/podcast
>>> and emails that is important? What exaclty are we being
>>> asked to contemplate here? Not the content of the
>>> project (nothing has been made yet really) and as far as the
>>> conceptual plan is concerned I don't see how what they're doing is
>>> unique.
>>> Matthew
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Re: Sound in exhibitions

I would throw in that you should avoid those new "hypersonic directional"
speakers - we bought a couple to play sound art here - not only do they
sound like crap but it creeps me out that the military uses them at higher
power to split heads in riot control and such.

Kevin Hamilton
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


re: online music


I get a lot of my mp3s for free, only because the file-sharing networks are
rarely stable enough for me - I get impatient.

A lot of labels post free mp3's of their artists. Check out the websites for
matador, kranky, locust, subpop, or others whose artists you like.

Also check out: (including the 365 days project)

And of course, my favorite artist gives away all her stuff for free - check
out Vicki Bennett's site at

Kevin Hamilton


FW: Public Square announcement

--Please forward widely--

If you could make a claim to public space for public needs, what would
you do?

"The Public Square is a series of events and broadcasts designed to
make claims to public spaces as places to consider and discuss the
issues that affect our lives. The project runs April 24-May 16th. The
opening event is a discussion on "Our Work and Why We Do It" to take
place at 5:30 PM on April 24th at the Krannert Art Museum.

"The Public Square" is an attempt to create both physical and virtual
locations in Champaign-Urbana for public participation on a range of
political, social, and cultural topics. Each day, for the duration of
the MFA exhibit at the Krannert Art Museum (April 24-May 16), a public
discussion, workshop, walk, or other event will occur public places
related to the topic addressed. Individuals will be invited to join
the event either formally or informally; others will doubtless happen
upon the discussion and perhaps stay awhile. The events will activate
the nominally public spaces in which they take place, infusing them
with lively debate, public activity, or political participation,
drawing attention to what usually doesn't take place in them while
suggesting what those spaces might become. At the same time, the
events will be broadcast on the radio and archived online so that
people who were not able to experience them in physical public space
might find them over the public airwaves or on the internet. The
project website is

I am compiling an email list to invite individuals to the daily events.
Please email to be added to the list.

Events for the week of April 24-May 1 are:

April 24, 5:30 PM "Our Work and Why We Do It," an open conversation,
Krannert Art Museum, 500 E. Peabody Dr., Champaign

April 25, 12:00 PM "You Make the Call," conversations with athletes and
fans on women's sports at the university, Eichelberger Field, 1201 West
Florida, Urbana

April 26, 12:00 PM "Finding the Village Square," a guided walk through
downtown Urbana, meet at the Urbana Civic Center, 108 Water Street,

April 27, 12:00 PM "Where are the WMDs," an event to raise awareness
about military research at the university, meet at the fountain on the
Engineering Quad

April 28, 4:00 PM "Abstain from What?" a conversation by teens for
teens about abstinence-only education, (participation limited to people
under 20) Westside Park, corner of Church and State, Champaign

April 29, 5:00 PM "Listening to the Electronic Citizen," an open
conversation about technology and democracy, Champaign City Building,
102 N. Neil, Champaign

April 30, 7:00 PM "Take Back the Night" rally and march against sexual
violence, (rally on to all; women and transgendered persons are welcome
to march), Westside Park, Champaign

May 1, 4:00 PM "International Workers' Day in an Era of Globalized
Consumption," Wal-Mart parking lot, 913 Marketview, Champaign

------ End of Forwarded Message