Kevin Fox
Since 2005
Works in San Francisco United States of America

At a very young age I had a strong curiosity about what insanity must feel like. Later I got to find out. A acid/pcp overdose, complete with an outer body experience, and police intervention, years of severe manic depression, eventual multiple hospitalizations for mania and finally a struggle with severe alcoholism, gave me insight into the electrical chemical currents that hold our reality together. The only reason I would reveal this about myself is for two reasons; the first being, by the grace of God I have been given the gift of being able to come back to a point of responsibility and service. And also, while being "way the hell out there", in exaggerated emotional temperatures and modes of reality there was knowledge worth bringing back and trying to communicate. When I work on pixel painting photo collages, I tap into those old feelings and visions. I try to communicate the sense of wonder that can only come from seeing something that you don't understand, is a little vexing and you have no frame of reference for. In conjunction with this sense of novelty, on a root human collective conscience level you might, perhaps, recognize these abstract forms as comfortably familiar as a door knob in your hand.