Since 2004
Works in Raleigh, North Carolina United States of America

Kevin, a lifelong inventor and creative technologist, has extensive experience in software and Internet application development. He heads up the "Internet Enabled" division of the Tackle Design team, merging information technology with physical design. When not creating inventions for Tackle, Kevin is often found sailing or working on environmental land use and geospatial projects for non-profits.

Interests: Making physical things virtual and vice versa, user experience design, geospatial information systems, alternative energy technology.

Current Project(s): developing an Internet enabled robotic/statistical platform for determining the price elasticity of demand for green M&Ms; creating technology for decentralized mass production of agriculturally derived bio-diesel; crossing an ocean under sail.
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artist tech-support


My company Tackle Design in Raleigh/Durham, NC is launching our artist services/tech-support divsion to help artists and designers working on innovative projects. We have a broad understanding of technology and design and can offer services ranging from casting to internet development to mechanical engineering.

If you are working on something interesting, check us out and drop us a line. We would love to hear what you're up to.