Kelly Purden

If you're unhappy with your penis size and you don't want to try risky pills, extenders or pumps then natural penis growth will be the option for you. There are lots of different products out there but none are as safe or effective as natural penile growth methods. I have tried them all - I had a 4" penis naturally - and only natural growth gave me the gains that I so desperately wanted. In this article I'm going to reveal how I did it and how you can copy me and see gains of up to 4 inches...

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Natural Penis Growth - The Facts

There are a few things that are required to start natural penis growth. It is broken down into a simple two-part plan which leads to big gains. The first is external - this involves exercises, but it's not like all of the exercise guides out there because the really important element is the second part - the internal. If your body won't allow for growth because its equilibrium is all wrong then you simply won't see growth.

The second element is very simple to explain but for years it had been almost impossible to execute - until now! It requires that the body reproduces the biochemicals that caused growth to begin with. If you're able to do this then you can begin to see gains again.

Natural Penis Growth - Putting it All Together

All you have to do to benefit from natural penile growth is to mix simple exercises - the external - with getting your body ready to cause growth. The blood becomes growth-food in your penis. If you do both parts right then growth isn't just possible, it's inevitable! What you need is a natural enlargement system to really make the process work. There are a few things you can do beforehand though:

Drink lots of water; 2 - 3 litres of water a day.
Exercise by doing at least 20 minutes walking a day.
Eating right.
Cutting down on cigarettes and alcohol.
Having more sex - it boosts testosterone (a vital part of natural penis growth!)

My wife and then my girlfriend both dumped me and my wife even admitted it was because of my penis size! After that I was determined to make my penis bigger.