Kelly Billette
Since 2001
Works in Bay City United States of America

About Me: I am not an "Outsider" or Self Taught" artist. I am formally educated in the fine arts though I chose to reject my education. I am basically egalitarian at heart and believe firmly that no amount of education can produce a true artist. An artist sees things differently and they are born that way.

I am what can be roughly classified as an abstract expressionist. Specifically, the art process for me is honest, direct, rigorous and full of energy. I always fully open each work to destruction. This invites excitement. I see it as a mimicking of what brought us to consciousness. My work is intuitive and visceral. I do not intentionally rework or perfect anything. The first response is always the most credible and most tell-tale. What emerges is a very ordered chaos. A visual contradiction. One might apply this to life. What seems chaotic is very much in order.

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Previously represented by Agora Gallery, New York, NY