Kelani Nichole
Works in Brooklyn, New York United States of America

I am a Digital Strategist and Independent Curator working at the intersection of ART + TECHNOLOGY.
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OPENING RECEPTION ::: 'Sweet Finances!' a solo exhibition from Claudia Maté

Sat Jul 12, 2014 20:45 - Sun Aug 03, 2014

Brooklyn, New York
United States of America

TRANSFER is pleased to present Sweet Finances! – the first solo exhibition from Spanish artist Claudia Maté.

::: Opening Reception ::: SATURDAY July 12 ::: from 7 -11PM :::

Sweet Finances! collects and reinterprets data from the Yahoo! Finance API in real time through the internet, with the aim of making the tricky and cold world of financial markets into a collection of pleasant and oniric landscapes. Forget the meaning behind the data – Maté’s landscapes represent the beauty of financial data on its own terms.

The exhibition consists of web-based applications, installation and sculpture. In her ‘Historic Landscape’ and ‘Sky Market’ series, Maté hosts web-based applications that read historical data and provide real-time quotes to patrons from a stock of their selection. Traders and collectors are invited to transform those quotes into a plastic format.

Choosing a company, range of dates, color, background, and gradient generates a unique image, which can be selected for purchase by its originator. Once payment has been submitted, the parameters are sent to the artist who then produces the print – this is a great opportunity to invite people who invest in the market to buy their own shares in a plastic format.

Note to viewers on WEEKENDS (opening reception + public gallery hours)

IMPORTANT! All the stock markets worldwide have been closed, so the real time quotes have been randomized until they will open. Please do not make financial decisions based on this data.

The first day of trading for Sweet Finances! launches at the opening reception, and extends into the public space of the web for the duration of the exhibition – Mate’s applications will be released on the web this summer in conjunction with the exhibition.

A closing reception event curated by the artist will invite an international group of artists to create GIFs on the subject of finance, bringing trading to a close with a screening of the series on Saturday, August 2 2014.

A full inventory of work from Sweet Finances! is available from the gallery. Please inquire with to request information.

About the Artist :::
CLAUDIA MATE (b. 1985, Spain) lives and work in London. She works in a large area of new media and online based works, across a variety of formats including programming, 3D, video, animated GIFs and sound. She is Co-founder and curator at ( Mate’s works has been exhibited internationally in NYC, Madrid, Paris, Canada, Croatia, Italy, Berlin, Chile, Canada and online. Her full exhibition list and a number of artworks available online at

Events + Gallery Hours :::

Opening Reception
Saturday, July 12 from 7 – 11 PM

Closing Reception
Saturday, August 2 from 7 – 11 PM

Gallery Hours
Saturdays 2 – 7 PM + by appointment; contact is an exhibition space that explores the friction between networked practice and its physical instantiation. The gallery supports artists working with computer-based practices to realize aggressive installation projects within our walls.

More info:


OPENING RECEPTION ::: 'Surface Survey' a solo exhibition from Clement Valla

Sat Apr 19, 2014 21:30 - Sat May 10, 2014

Brooklyn, New York
United States of America

TRANSFER is pleased to present a solo exhibition from Clement Valla

::: Opening Reception ::: SATURDAY april 19 ::: from 7-11PM :::

Surface Survey is a new solo exhibition by Clement Valla, comprised of digital prints and 3D printed sculptures that are structured around concepts of archaeology, computer software, meaning-making, and images that are not meant for human consumption.

The subjects are varied: from sculptural antiquities he photographed in the Metropolitan Museum's collections, to contemporary ephemera, to 19th Century inventions. The work uncovers subtle shapes and textures that illustrate these objects in unexpected ways and cast a new light the algorithms that digitized them.

More info :::

::: CATALOG :::
A printed catalog of work in the series will be available in the gallery in LIMITED QUANTITY please inquire with

CLEMENT VALLA (b. 1979, Paris) is Brooklyn-based artist. His recent collaborative show Iconoclashes was exhibited at Mulherin + Pollard Projects in New York, and his work was included in the Paddles On! auction at Phillips. His work has also been exhibited at The Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis; Museum of the Moving Image, New York; Thommassen Galleri, Gothenburg; Bitforms Gallery, New York; DAAP Galleries, University of Cincinatti; 319 Scholes, New York; and the Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum, Milwaukee.

His work has been cited in The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, El Pais, Huffington Post, Rhizome, Domus, Wired, The Brooklyn Rail, Liberation, and on BBC television. Valla received a BA in Architecture from Columbia University and an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in Digital+Media. He is currently an associate professor of Graphic Design at RISD.

About TRANSFER :::
TRANSFER is an exhibition space that explores the friction between digital practice and its physical instantiation. The gallery supports artists working with computer-based practices to realize aggressive installation projects within our walls.


'APOPHENIA' a solo exhibition from Alma Alloro

Sat Jan 04, 2014 15:00 - Sat Jan 25, 2014

Brooklyn, New York
United States of America

TRANSFER is pleased to present the first solo exhibition from Alma Alloro + her USA debut!!

::: Opening Reception ::: SATURDAY January 4th ::: 7-11PM :::

Apophenia /æpɵˈfiːniə/ is the experience of seeing patterns or connections in random or meaningless data.

Apophenia is a collection of works by Berlin-based Artist Alma Alloro exploring the possibilities — and limitations — of an artist's aura in a digitally-oriented world. The exhibition consists of a series of hand drawings and animations, installed alongside a machine that manually creates animation. Alloro’s works invite the viewer to simultaneously experience both the animation itself alongside the exposed analog apparatus that produce it.

Alloro’s meticulous hand drawings make manifest the notion of repetition, a yearning for the infinite. Within the patterns that emerge, however, individual fragments of the animation reveal their lack of continuous identity — a tacit acknowledgement of the imperfections of the human hand.

Meanwhile, a kinetic machine generates colorful spinning surfaces broadcast via closed-circuit television. This screen — part of a device intended for the reading of printed matter, and which once helped Alloro’s late grandfather compensate for his low vision — becomes a site of color and motion. Says Alloro:

In its afterlife, the device exposes a ubiquitous short sightedness, rendering users of every generation blind to other potential (mis)uses of technology.

With Apophenia, Alloro considers the kinds of aesthetic effects that still lie beyond the scope of digital practice: what can be made with bare hands that can’t be made with a computer? And further, what new means still belong to the realm of tradition, yet embrace new potentials made possible by the digital?

Publication :::
A publication featuring an essay by Daniel Rourke will accompany this exhibition.

About the Artist :::
ALMA ALLORO (b. 1982, Tel Aviv) is a contemporary retro-futuristic artist living and working in Berlin. Her work spans a variety of media, including drawing, sculpture, and music composition and performance. She has shown in Berlin at Preview Berlin and with The Store, in her hometown Tel Aviv at Sommer Gallery and P8 Gallery, and Internationally at Furtherfield Gallery in London, and Eigenheim Gallery in Weimar.

Alma studied fine art at the Midrasha School of Art, Beit-Berl, Israel, and received her MFA in Public Art and New Artistic Strategies from Bauhaus-Universität in Weimar, Germany.

Saturday, January 4 from 7 – 11 PM

Saturdays 2 – 7 PM + by appointment contact

TRANSFER is an exhibition space that explores the friction between digital practice and its physical instantiation. The gallery supports artists working with computer-based practices to realize aggressive installation projects within our walls.


GLITCHOMETRY ::: an exhibition from Daniel Temkin

Sat Nov 16, 2013 23:55 - Sat Dec 14, 2013

Brooklyn, New York
United States of America

TRANSFER is pleased to present a solo exhibition from Daniel Temkin

::: Opening Reception ::: SATURDAY November 16 ::: 7-11PM :::

Glitchometry is an ongoing body of work from Daniel Temkin, an artist and programmer who produces humanistic collaborative works with the machine. The collaboration is an uneasy one, where the artist and algorithm have conflicting agendas and trade off control in building the work. The result is an exploration of our relationship with machines — a collision between our desire for accessible forms in chaotic processes and a compulsiveness arising from our attempts to think logically.

In his emphasis on process over product and on the constraint system defining the work, Temkin recalls both the 'structures' of Sol LeWitt and Gerhard Richter’s Abstraktes Bild, with its ambivalence of authorship within a system.

Glitchometry is rooted in Temkin’s use and misuse of the machine — in this case, the pirated software Cool Edit Pro, whose thousands of users all authenticate as Peter Quistgard. With this sound editing software, Temkin manipulates simple black and white geometric figures and stripes by databending sound effects through color channels, coercing visual artifacts that correspond to the properties of sound. Temkin works obsessively through iterations to create elaborate sonar landscapes which are illuminated in vibrant lightbox displays.

This exhibition focuses on two new Glitchometry studies: one based on stripes, another based on triangles, squares, and circles. The new work was produced in part during a residency at the Institute of Electronic Arts at Alfred University during the summer of 2013, and has been paired with past studies and new process pieces for this exhibition.

::: Publication :::
A publication will accompany the exhibition which includes an interview with the artist by Curt Cloninger one of his close collaborators, along with an essay from Daniel Rourke, an Internet scholar who expands on Temkin’s larger practice.

::: About the Artist :::
DANIEL TEMKIN (b. 1973, Boston) makes images, programming languages, and interactive pieces exploring our inherently broken patterns of thought and the clash between human and algorithmic thinking.

Daniel has spoken widely to both art and hacker audiences, at Media Art History (Liverpool 2011 and Riga 2013), CAA, GLI.TC/H conference in 2010 and 2012 (where he led a three-day session on Glitch and Oulipo), Notacon, and Hackers on Planet Earth, among others. He appeared on PBS's offBook episode on Glitch Art.

His writing has been published in academic journals such as World Picture and Media-N Journal and has been taught at Bard College, Penn State, and Clark University.

Daniel received his MFA from International Center of Photography / Bard College in 2012. His work has been featured at American University Museum, Christopher Henry Gallery, Higher Pictures and Carroll/Fletcher.

November 16
through December 14 2013

An opening reception will be held on Saturday, November 16 from 7 – 11 PM at Transfer with the artist.

The exhibition will close on Saturday, December 14 from 7 – 11 PM with NET WORTH, an event curated by the artist. NET WORTH will include new work from 50 artists invited by Temkin to create forgeries of other artists work to be priced in bitcoin and offered up for sale.

Gallery hours are held every Saturday from 2 – 7 PM and by appointment with


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Sat Sep 07, 2013 17:00 - Sat Sep 28, 2013

Brooklyn, New York
United States of America

TRANSFER Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition from Carla Gannis and Justin Petropoulos from September 7th through 28th, 2013

::: Gallery Hours ::: Saturday 12-6PM :::
::: STRING LITERALS ::: Two Friday evenings, 13th + 20th from 7-9PM :::

legend /legend is a collaborative project of poems and drawings based on text redactions of The Book of Earths, by Edna Kenton, a compendium of theories of the shape of the Earth, and its surrounding folklore.

While the project is rooted in analog works, specifically poems by Justin Petropoulos and ink drawings by Carla Gannis, it grows these texts and images into digital paintings, animations, projection mapped & 3D printed sculptures, as well as interactive works.

The project's title, legend /legend, is an empty html tag. The viewer/reader must complete the meaning themselves. The definition of the legend is determined by the movement within ones own cartographies.

The first manifestation of legend /legend is a printed volume of the poems and drawings, produced by Jaded Ibis Press :::

A limited number of copies will be available for purchase at the opening reception.

In its second manifestation the project expands into the gallery space – a new body of work that spans a variety of media including an interactive redaction application launching at the opening reception.

The project will continue to grow and iterate – before, during and after the exhibition – follow along on these channels:

CARLA GANNIS has exhibited in solo and group art exhibitions nationally and internationally. She has shown at Pablo’s Birthday Gallery and Claire Oliver Gallery in New York, as well as The Boulder Museum of Art in Boulder, Colorado and TZR Galerie in Dusseldorf, Germany. Gannis is the recipient of a 2005 New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) Grant in Computer Arts, an Emerge 7 Fellowship from the Aljira Art Center, and a Chashama AREA Visual Arts Studio Award. Gannis holds an MFA in Painting from Boston University. She is currently Assistant Chair of Digital Arts at Pratt Institute.

JUSTIN PETROPOLOUS is the author of the poetry collection, Eminent Domain, selected by Anne Waldman for the 2010 Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Prize. His poems have appeared in American Letters & Commentary, Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Columbia Poetry Review, Crab Creek Review, Gulf Coast, Mandorla, Portland Review, and most recently in Spinning Jenny. Petropoulos holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Indiana University. He is an adjunct faculty member at New Jersey City University, where he teaches composition and creative writing.

::: Opening September 7th 7PM-11PM :::

::: STRING LITERAL ::: Anthony Antonellis + Anthony Tognazzini ::: Friday, September 13 7-9PM

::: STRING LITERAL ::: Faith Holland + Sara Jane Stoner ::: Friday, September 20 7-9PM

TRANSFER is an exhibition space that explores the friction between digital practice and its physical instantiation. Transfer supports artists working with digital practice to realize aggressive installation and promote collection of their work.

Transfer Gallery ::: 1030 Metropolitan Ave Brooklyn 11211