Kayla Parker
Since 2009
Works in Plymouth United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Kayla is an artist film-maker who explores subjectivity and sense of place in her practice using animation, photography, sound, film, performance, found objects, drawing, writing, and digital technologies. She is interested in embodied experience, and the intersection between the natural world and urban environments, in particular liminal spaces such as the industrial outskirts of the city. Kayla is a lecturer in media arts and a member of the Land/Water and the Visual Arts, and art + sound research groups at University of Plymouth; her doctoral research investigates gender and creative practice in animation.

Her films have received numerous network screenings on the BBC, ITV and Channel 4; her work is shown worldwide at film festivals and in touring programmes, with television broadcasts in Australia, Canada, France, Austria, and Germany. In the UK Kayla has shown in recent exhibitions at the Saatchi Gallery, Horse Hospital and Arnolfini. Cine-City, Brighton (2010) and London Short Film Festival (2011) presented collections of her films, with programmes of work screened at Soundwaves, Brighton and Rushes Soho Short Film Festival, London in July 2011.

Recent collaborative work with film-maker and sound artist Stuart Moore includes Teign Spirit (2009), commissioned by Animate Projects for CABE's Sea Change initiative, screened as a remastered 360 panoramic film in Weymouth for London 2012 Cultural Olympiad Open Weekend, July 2011; Nectar, a 5-screen 360 degree film with Stuart Moore for the Cultural Olympiad programme in the South West (2010); and the 35mm direct animation Flora (2011). In 2011 Kayla produced Cinematic City, a film about the post-war architectural space of Plymouth city centre, commissioned by Plymouth Arts Centre and directed by Stuart Moore.

Moving image artworks since 2000 include:
Walking Out (2000) Arts Council; D-Net Lux (2000); Experiments in Moving Image, curated by Jackie hatfield and Stephen Littman, University of Westminster (January 2004); Moving Out, University of Plymouth (2008); The Measure of It, Plymouth Arts Centre (2010).
Inner City (2001) Arts Council/South West Media Development Agency, The Year of the Artist Residency in Plymouth city centre with Attic Dance; tEXt 2002, Exeter; Dance Live!, Bristol (2002).
Physic (2001) Aune Head Arts, Dartmoor Lives and Landscapes; Fairfields Arts Centre, Basingstoke (2002); Hand Eye Visions, Cine-City, Brighton (2010).
Verge* (2005) Salt Gallery, Hayle (exhibition September-October 2005); Oddfellows: Collective Film Night, Plymouth Arts Centre (2007); One Minute (volume 3) collection curated by Kerry Baldry (as Verge: Nocturne, touring 2009-2010); as a 360 film for IDA 360: Experiment Week, University of Plymouth (2010).
Small World* (2007) Definitive Stories screening programme, National Review of Live Art, Glasgow; presented at Megapixel conference, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge (2007); Shorts a la Carte, Inamo, Soho for London Short Film Festival (2011).
White Body (2008-2009) ScreenWork2 DVD, published in association with The Journal of Media Practice (2008); One Minute (volume 3) collection curated by Kerry Baldry (touring 2009-2010); London Short Film Festival (2010); The Women’s Art Show, Fairfields Art Centre, Basingstoke (February-April 2010); Visions in the Nunnery, London (October 2010); Making Tracks, Whirlygig Cinema with the Cabinet of Living Cinema (January-June 2011); Crafty Animators, Thelma Hulbert Gallery (February-March 2011).
Twenty Foot Square* (2009) One Minute (volume 4) collection curated by Kerry Baldry (touring 2009-2010).
Teign Spirit* (2009) Animate Projects/CABE: Sea Change; Aurora, Norwich (2009); Star Auditorium, Tate Modern (2009); Public//Domain, Bournemouth (2010); Haifa International Film Festival (2010); Paintings in Hospitals (2011 onward); as a 360 film at the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad Open Weekend in Weymouth (July 2011).
Glass (2010) Finding Place, University of Plymouth (February 2010); Radical British Screens, University of the West of England (2010); University of Plymouth Festival of Research (2011).
Nectar* (2010) Cultural Olympiad/ICCI; ICCI 360 Festival, Plymouth (September 2010).
Flora* (2011) One Minute (volume 5) collection of artists' moving image curated by Kerry Baldry (exhibition at Peloton Gallery, Sydney, Australia 24 November - 17 December 2011)

In the 1990s commissioned works include:
Nuclear Family (1990) South West Arts/TSW; Getting Animated tour (1990); Out of the West tour (1990-1993); TV broadcast C4 (1993); Happy Families? ICA, London (1997); Put Away These Childish Things, Viewpoint Gallery, Plymouth (January-February 2006).
Unknown Woman (1991) Arts Council; The Dazzling Image TV broadcast C4 (1992); Arrows of Desire ICA Biennial tour curated by Peter Wollen (1992 onward); Freedom and Dream at Tate Britain presented by Malgorzata Kitowski (2009); and Hand Eye Visions at Cine-City, Brighton (2010).
Canntaireachd (1992) Scottish TV; TV broadcast Canan nan Gaidhael (1992); Art into Film, Tate/National Film Theatre (1994); Hand Eye Visions, Cine-City, Brighton (2010).
Cage of Flame (1992) Animate Arts Council/C4; Hygiene and Hysteria tour (1993-1994); TV broadcast C4; Blood documentary, TV broadcast ZDF/ARTE Germany (2001); Death to Animation, ICA, London (2006); Undercover Surrealism, Hayward Gallery, London (July 2006); The Measure of It, Plymouth Arts Centre (2010).
Night Sounding (1993) One Minute TV Arts Council/BBC2 The Late Show; TV broadcast BBC (1993); What You See is What You Get selected by John Wyver ICA Biennial tour (1995 onward); Free Radicals ICA tour (1995); Review of Animation Arts from the UK, Poland (2002); Night: A Time Between, curated by Dr Janette Kerr, Arnolfini, Bristol (2008).
As Yet Unseen (1994) BFI Production; Women Making Movies BFI tour (1995); Interstice: Seen and Unseen, Whitechapel, London (August 1996); EMAF tour of Germany (1996-1997); Hiding Behind the Sofa, Prema (March-April 1997).
Elemental* (1994) Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery for Strandline exhibition (April-June 1994); Viva 8, London Film Makers' Co-op (1994); Pandaemonium, ICA, London (1996).
Sunset Strip (1996) Animate Arts Council/C4; TV broadcast C4 (1997); British Animation Awards: Public Choice (touring January-February 1998); Animation: A Passionate Obsession, Barbican, London (September-October 2000); Gene 2001 UK tour; Route Masters: Portraits in Transition, National Portrait Gallery (2006); Film Circus! Whitechapel, London (2008); VIS: Vienna Independent Shorts (2011).
Project* (1997) Lux Centre launch; Animation: Synaesthesia in the Experimental Animated Film Norwich Gallery exhibition curated by Suzie Hanna (October-November 2001); Experiments in Moving Image curated by Jackie Hatfield and Stephen Littman, University of Westminster (January 2004); The Falmouth Convention (2010).

*in collaboration with Stuart Moore