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Call for Artists, Athens Digital Arts Festival

Wed Mar 04, 2015 00:00

Athens, Greece

Call For Entries: Public Space_s

Athens Digital Arts Festival invites you to submit proposals for its next edition taking place in spring in Athens. Deadline for submissions is 4 March 2015.

In our times, the notion of public space appears to be one of the most contradictory concepts. With the rise of network and communication technologies, our experience of public space has changed. Public space is not only characterised by physical space and architecture but also by networks and knowledge distribution.

While public space is mainly being interpreted through urban planning, digital public space is organised through IP locations, URLs and protocols. Their cartographies, as distinct as they may seem, are both informed by network dynamics that add new layers of interpretation. Squares, parks, streets and the Internet are all potential public spaces that are activated through participation and engagement in order to acquire meaning.

The multiple interconnected spaces within which we act have redefined and affected our perception of everyday life as well as our social and cultural imaginaries. On the other hand, real-time data circulation and information exchange have created new patterns of communication allowing communities to surpass their localities and explore new modes of engagement and collaboration.

However, inhabiting at the same time a plethora of spaces that are potentially public the question that arises is: how open and free are these spaces? Have the visions regarding open access to public space and eventually public data been fulfilled?

Through this call, the festival invites proposals to explore the notion of “public” both in the digital and physical space.


How to apply:


Read and accept the terms of participation for your category/ies of choice
Fill out the corresponding application form/s
Your submission must include: 4 photo stills, video files should not exceed 1GB, accepted formats .mov, .avi, .mp4, .mpeg
Upload the above files on WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc. and include the link to your application.
For further inquires please contact us at submit@adaf.gr
(Those who wish to submit more than one works should follow the same process for each work)


Follow steps 1-3 and export the online form/s
Send one (1) DVD including your work (1 DVD per work), one (1) CD including four photo stills for each work and the application form to the following address: Athens Digital Arts Festival
Miltiadou 18, 10560, Monastiraki, Athens Greece

Please write “cultural sample/no commercial value”


Call for Artists from Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey | ArtUP! + transmediale

Sun Nov 10, 2013 00:00

Berlin, Germany

Exhibitions on the ArtUP! platform

The project ArtUP!, in unique collaboration with artists and curators from Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, aims to create an online and on-site network in the three countries and to provide a platform for artists, curators and a wide audience in this deeply and diversely related region.

ArtUp!, produced its first exhibition Neighbourhood X.0 (2012) in Ankara, followed by a series of exhibitions in several cities in Bulgaria under the title PARABOLE (2013) and most recently the current exhibition Home/s (2013) in Athens. Now ArtUP! is collaborating with Bulgarian, Greek and Turkish media artists to produce an exhibition that will be part of the next transmediale festival for art and digital culture in Berlin (29 Jan to 02 Feb 2014). A selection of relevant artworks will be presented under the title future past – past future. The exhibition will be hosted in SUPERMARKT: located on the former border between east and west, this project space nowadays lies between the hip quarter and a marginalized migration district. The exhibition in the heart of the new and constantly transforming Berlin is curated by Sandra Naumann.

Open Call future past – past future

Did the future look better in the past? Today, has the future already turned into the past? Or is it perhaps that nowadays the past seems almost blissful compared to the present in which we actually live? What concepts of the future exist in times of social, economic and political crisis, in times of spreading poverty, corruption and mistrust towards democratic processes? Do visions of a better future exist at all? Or have we already caught up with our blooming future visions and dumped them in the dustbin of history?

The title of the exhibition refers to the storyline of "Days of Future Past" from the 1980s comic series "The Uncanny X –Men". It tells the story of a dystopian future in 2013, in which the total collapse of the world can only be averted by a journey into the past. In fact, it turns out that this possible future cannot simply be deleted, it can only be replaced by a different future.

future past – past future not only asks about the possible alternative future scenarios, but also about the relationship between the past, present and future in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. To what extent do current and historical events play a role in the visions of the future in this inextricably interwoven region? How do these countries’ respective historical identities and individual stories of their own history, shape the ideas of a possible tomorrow? What conflicts exist between those who are looking for the future in the eternal yesterday and those who want to overturn the norms of tradition?

If it was possible to turn back time and its course opened up to different directions, what would they be? What would the past future look like, and in the meantime what would become of the present time?

The call for the transmediale of 2013 connects to the theme of the next festival in 2014. Under the title of afterglow the festival focuses on the end of the digital revolution - as digital culture becomes more and more a post-apocalyptic wasteland; censored, controlled, monitored and dominated by a few rulers. At the same time, transmediale is also looking for new, as yet unknown forms of culture beyond the digital.

future past – past future therefore also asks about the power of old and new media. The statement "the revolution has been televised" could be applied not only to the Arab Spring, but also to the mass demonstrations in Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey captured by countless mobile phone and television cameras and sent out into the world. But what is the reality behind the images disseminated by the mass media? How do these images find their way into an artistic involvement with the protest movements? How is the expression of public protest reflected in the media arts? What methodologies of resistance have been developed in media arts? How is the battle waged for media coverage, for dominance in the social networks and government censorship?

Location and dates
The exhibition future past – past future will be part of the programme of transmediale, festival for art and digital culture in Berlin. The exhibition takes place from Saturday, 25 Jan until Sunday, 02 Feb 2014. future past – past future will also be presented online on the ArtUP! platform. www.goethe.de/artup

Detailed programme information will be found on the ArtUp! Website, on the websites of the Goethe-Institutes of the participating countries as well as on the ArtUP! Facebook page and on the transmediale festival website.

Conditions for participation
Any artist from Bulgaria, Greece or Turkey, whose artwork is media art based, can apply for participation in the exhibition.

Each artist will receive a remuneration of € 500,00.

Current exhibition: Home/s



Home/s, media art exhibition. Call for Projects

Fri Jul 26, 2013 00:00

Athens, Greece

ArtUP! Media art in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey
A project initiated by Goethe-Institut

Call for projects
'Home/s', media art exhibition

Deadline for submissions: 26 July 2013

After the exhibition 'Neighborhood X.0' (2012) in Ankara and a series of exhibitions under the title 'PARABOLE' (running until 25/07/2013) in several cities in Bulgaria, ArtUP! is preparing the next exhibition 'Home/s' which will be hosted at the Benaki Museum in Athens.

ArtUP! invites artists from Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey to submit their work for the exhibition 'Home/s' that will take place in Athens and will be curated by Daphne Dragona and Katerina Gkoutziouli.

'Home/s' will aim to explore the notion of 'home' in times of constant connectivity and to discuss its emerging relocations and transformations. Influenced by Vilém Flusser's writings, the exhibition's starting point will be home's fundamental contradiction. Offering us the essential sense of belonging, home provides us with a context through which we recognize the world but at the same time it prevents us from really seeing it. Made 'not of conscious rules' but rather of 'unconscious habits' which cover us as 'a fluffy blanket', it provides a comforting ground which safe as it may be, unavoidably it allows little room for shifts and changes. But where is home today? Which habits tie us to it? How do we perceive our habits through technology? And how can we overcome their constraints?

The new ARTUP! exhibition wishes to offer possible answers to these questions and to comment on the different ways of 'feeling at home' in the networked era. It will particularly examine how a new sense of belonging has been shaped with the proliferation of networked technologies, which is enabled by our mediated presence and empowered by affect. Are these innumerous connections built among citizens from different countries in periods of insurrection and unrest the new home for the many? Are the possibilities given for borderless communication the answer for the ones that need to be on the move? Are we really home within the networks? And how can technology capture, affect or change our feeling of belonging?

A redefinition of the notion of home will be attempted through the presentation of different art projects and creative practices from the three participating countries.

The exhibition 'Home/s' will take place from October 11 to November 17, 2013 at the Benaki Museum (Pireos Annex) in Athens. 'Home/s' will be also presented online on the ArtUP! website.

Detailed information about the submission process and the exhibition is available at the following link:


Contact Info
Goethe-Institut Athen
14-16 Omirou Str.
P.O.B. 3 03 83
10033 Athens, Greece
Tel. +30 210 3661000
Email: artup@athen.goethe.org
Website: www.goethe.de/artup
fb: www.facebook.com/ArtUP.MediaArt