Katie Lips
Since 2004
Works in Amsterdam Netherlands

Katie Lips is a creative entrepreneur who has worked with New Media for over ten years and has a varied career based on her technical and creative background.

Katie is now cofounder at Virtual Goods startup Little World Gifts and has previously founded SMS Internet archive Treasuremytext.com.

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Calling mobile audio (ringtone) enthusiasts and sound artists

New Digital Art project for creating, converting and sharing original mobile audio....

Use Freeloader to crete your own mobile audio art!

Freeloader is a DIY ringtone creation and distribution environment.  It is a commission by UK based FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) and created by Kisky Netmedia. It allows users to input MP3, MIDI and WAV files and turn them into original ringtone content. The web application converts audio into ringtones suitable for over 350 phones allowing for playback of experimental work for a wide user group.

The project is set to develop its content in 2005 through pupils projects, artist lead workshops, and through input from remote users - anyone who wishes to experiment with their own mobile content.

If you are a sound artist, musician, composer, or mobile tone enthusiast, or just want a new original ringtone you may like to have a go at making your own tones using Freeloader. All submitted content should be original and copyright free and will be shared with the Freeloader community growing this resource of user-generated content.
Freeloader was developed as part of FACT's Stream and Shout Project.
For more information visit:

For more information on Kisky Netmedia, visit: