Katie Lips
Since 2004
Works in Amsterdam Netherlands

Katie Lips is a creative entrepreneur who has worked with New Media for over ten years and has a varied career based on her technical and creative background.

Katie is now cofounder at Virtual Goods startup Little World Gifts and has previously founded SMS Internet archive Treasuremytext.com.

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New Live Broadcasts from tenantspin at Tate Liverpool

tenantspin is shaking things up with social media & live video broadcasts from Tate Liverpool. Take part online and join the conversations. http://www.tenantspinontour.com

Official Press Release below.......

tenantspin (Liverpool's popular community TV channel) brings live video chat to Tate Liverpool as part of The Fifth Floor; a groundbreaking new exhibition running till 1st February.
tenantspin is on tour, on air and online. tenantspin has created a living, working TV Studio in the gallery, equipped with its own production office, "Diary Room" style booth, News Desk and "Interview Couch". The studio produces shows three days a week, and the rest of the time invites visitors to explore the TV studio and to make their own broadcasts.

"Audience members can watch us make TV shows, they can join in the chat shows, make and broadcast their own news or react to local news stories at the News Desk. We'll be focussing on locally important topics and inviting experts from across the city to offer comments and opinion on issues affecting us all. From the ubiquitous Credit Crunch to trendy Slow Food to topical technology; we bring the social and the local together at the Tate and online" explains Patrick Fox, tenantspin Programme Manager.

tenantspin (a Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT) project) has been creating community driven broadcasts for 10 years, and has always been at the cutting edge in terms of its use of Internet Technologies. When tenantspin first launched, it used Internet Streaming service 'superchannel' to reach new audiences globally. In recent years, tenantspin has used Google Video and YouTube to publish on new platforms and find new audiences. An early adopter of social media (popularly using blogs, YouTube, and Twitter), in 2009 tenantspin is embracing a new shift in online video and is using a range of services that enable audiences to participate; to join in the conversations, to help make the broadcasts themselves.

Technologist Katie Lips from Kisky Netmedia has been working to introduce a range of new Internet services to tenantspin. "It's an experimental piece of work: we know people feel comfortable with passive TV consumption, but we wanted to explore how arts audiences might involve themselves further in our projects; both in the gallery and online. Some people are happy just watching content on the Internet, a smaller amount want to take part in creating it. tenantspin ON TOUR has enabled us to create this 'disposable TV studio' as space that exists for a short time but with long lasting impact. We're inviting audiences to make their own content, to join in a video chat, to help us create a rich, and diverse video archive encompassing many viewpoints of the people who visit and live in Liverpool."

Taking Part
Be our guest - Join the audience or the gallery - see http://www.tenantspinontour.com for show times
Watch and Chat - Our 24 Hour Internet TV Station can be found at http://www.mogulus.com/tenantspin
Produce - Watch our news and make you own at http://new.seesmic.com/tenantspinontour
Followers - for the buzz, follow us on Twitter for regular updates at http://twitter.com/tenantspin


Attention Please! (An experiment and an Attention seeking video installation).

Artist Sara Smith and technology partner Kisky Netmedia are creating 'Attention Please! An Experiment


Call for Sonic Art as Ringtones

Thu Dec 01, 2005 04:57

(apologies for cross posting)

What is it?
Free Original MP3 and Polyphonic Ringtones. Collaborative Mobile Content. Open Mobile Platform. Creative Sonic Arts on your Mobile.

http://www.c21tones.com is a new creative mobile audio site designed to create a wealth of new, exciting and creative ringtone content and promote the work of musicians and sonic artists. C21tones is part of the successful international art project run by Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council bringing art from 21 Asian nations to the North West of England.

www.c21tones.com lets you submit original compositions and download any tone to your mobile for free. It is a participatory, user generated, arts project. A series of workshops is currently being developed to allow participants in the Blackburn with Darwen region to create their own mobile content.

Call For Submissions
We are currently accepting submissions from musicians, sonic artists, and anyone, anywhere wishing to experiment with mobile audio. Check out the site to hear and download other original content and visit the ‘Submit a Tone’ section to send us yours.

How It Works
We can accept any MIDI or MP3 file under 150K. Once it is uploaded to the site, our software optimises the file for over 400 phones and sends it by SMS direct to your phone. It’s really simple.

Featured Work
The site is growing in popularity, and if you submit your work, it will be heard, and possibly used as a great ringtone by thousands of participants.

Submission Guidelines
Submit your work via the site at http://www.c21tones.com.
There is no deadline for works, if we feature your work, we will let you know by email when it is included.


C21Tones is part of the C21 Project www.c21.tv, operated by Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council, www.blackburn.gov.uk.
C21tones.com was designed and developed by Kisky Netmedia Ltd, www.kiskynetmedia.com.
Workshops are being lead by Kisky Netmedia and Sound Artist Ross Dalziel http://www.cheapjack.org.uk/.



Inside the Inbox; real people, real SMS messages, the aSMS loga by Treasuremytext

Keywords: SMS, voyeur, publish, collaborative, mobile, blog, moblog, text message, reality text

Treasuremytext.com (http://www.treasuremytext.com) is first and foremost a service that stores SMS messages making Treasuremytext.com the world’s largest SMS Inbox. Thousands of users store thousands of texts every month. Anyone and everyone can use it to aggregate their mobile content, treasure it forever and then to re-publish, re-blog, to share their personal messages with the world. The service contains RSS feeds and a ‘Slog’ a SMS log that lets anonymous viewer, or voyeurs read the personal lives of texters. Treasuremytext is a project in which thousands of users are contributing their deepest, private messages into a public space. What do people really send, and why do they want to keep this stuff forever?

We want other digital artists to work with this SMS RSS capability, and if suitable reblog this SMS content, or set up their own SMS RSS channel for other projects.

The project explores the relationships between communication and publication, trails of information, and data we all leave behind us continuously as we interact with software and applications and devices. Many people use the Treasuremytext project to publish their own communications and as they are doing so they are creating a mass collaborative consciousness.

The public face of Treasuremytext.com is humorous; it plays with the idea of the personal and the private world of mobile communication. Many publicly displayed messages are private in nature; and by publishing, the collective authors are offering a view into their personal lives.

Through this project, Kisky Netmedia (the project’s creators) are blurring the boundaries between communication ‘service’ and creative space, between application and art exhibit. Kisky demonstrates how this service is generating its own ever evolving, self-generating form, whilst also raising the bar in terms of how Netart behaves, through creating work with truly functional as well as exploratory aims.

Whilst there are distinct voices amidst the noise, the theme of the collaborative content demonstrates that mobile communication, for most of us is about continual contact; request and response, affection and confirmation. Many messages are explicit, many are needy, many are mundane, but more and more, Treasuremytext.com offers a glimpse into unconnected yet ubiquitous worlds; it shows snippets of communications, conversations, detached from each other, yet vocally loud, bold statements, request, actions, aspirations, and dreams.

The project is perhaps the only place where it is possible to view other people’s mobile communications. It is a demonstration of disconnected voices, all surprisingly saying similar things. The people who are creating this ‘not seen anywhere else content’ are becoming bolder at publishing their innermost thoughts anonymously to an unknown audience.

Kisky develops systems and environments which enable audiences to enter, use and control traditionally closed spaces. This is particularly true of the mobile phone, which is used by many, but tightly controlled by few. Kisky uses simple web technologies to open up this space, to create new creative opportunities for users and audiences. A common themes in Kisky’s work is the notion of the audience as collaborative creator; exploring ideas of ‘passive publishing’ whereby through the act of communication, there is a communication by-product; content that may in alternative spaces be viewed as artistic content.

Please feel free to use Treasuremytext.com to blog your own or existing content. Current ‘treasured text’ content is available as RSS, XML and My Yahoo feeds as well as at the ‘luxuriously’ designed site.


www.ipodscrubs.com - Animations and Video on iPod.

Animators, 3D artists, short film makers - use your iPod to show your work.


View animations / 3D models / Video all on your iPod.
Submit you own to share / show / promote your work.

3D Artist Tian Cocker, in conjunction with Kisky Netmedia (Katie Lips and Paul Stringer) has recently created a new project; iPod scrubs, available at ipodscrubs.com. iPod is a perfect device for viewing animated sequences. The tactility of the clickwheel can not only be used to navigate your music or photo collection; it can also support the illusion of movement based on the same elemental principles as traditional flick book animations.

Digital artists and animators using applications such as Maya, or even Flash, can test their animations by “scrubbing” the playhead backwards and forwards on the timeline. A podscrub takes the same mechanism and applies it to the functionality of an iPod. The playhead is your finger and the clickwheel is the timeline. Simple as that. The ipodscrubs project is for anyone with an iPod who wants to play with beautiful ipod animations, as well as animators who want to share their content and creations in this way. You can download existing scrubs and submit your own at the site.

Preview / Download / Share

at http://www.ipodscrubs.com