Katherine Green
Since the beginning
Works in London United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Red Leader specialise in working on new media projects with arts organisations and individuals.

Most recently we worked with Tonico Lemos Auad on Lyric Underground http://www.gasworks.org.uk/webprojects which was commissioned by Gasworks Gallery, London.
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Sharp Talk is a project commissioned by the artist book publishers Book Works who have been publishing artists books and multiples since 1984, and now also commission artists videos, CD-Roms and new media projects.

Sharp Talk is a series of emailable texts by writers such as Dario Azzellini, Malu Halasa and Douglas Coupland about artists projects. The next release is a text by Julian Stallabrass writing about 'Literally No Place' by Liam Gillick. Once released by email these texts are available to read and download from the accompanying website.

For more information visit: http://www.bookworks.org.uk/sharptalk


++ Call for short digital films ++

Thu Jun 27, 2002 01:00

We are looking for international artists making innovative short films (less than 2.5 mins long) that create impact in this time frame for a gallery and online exhibition.

Films will be projected in the windows of the Deluxe Gallery, London from 2-5 August 2002 with an opening event 2 August, the films will continue to be hosted on a website to which curators, artists and filmmakers are encouraged to subscribe to a monthly email with a short film attached, therefore continuing the exhibition in the form of a viral email.

Films should be submitted on VHS, miniDV or CD to the following address:
Unit 1, Gladiator Works, Gladiator Street, London SE23 1NA.

DEADLINE is the 22nd July 2002.

For more information and to join the mailing list, please have a look at http://www.redleaderindustries.com/deluxe or do not hesitate to email me.

Apologies for the short notice and we very much look forward to hearing from you.