Katharina Birkenbach
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The Average Home was initiated early summer 2007 in Amsterdam by Arne Hendriks and Katharina Birkenbach. Since then cities as Barcelona, Berlin, Tokyo, New York, etc. joined this initiative. Hopefully more to come!
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Re-launch of Rhizome.org

congratulations to the update of rhizome.org!

but actually i have some remarks. it happened today for the first time that i tried to add a project to the database, and i found it rather hard to do so. it wasn't a real piece of art, but more a cooperative cultural project, which might be the problem. nevertheless i ended up making a small gif of a photo, not being able to add more image material and with the necessity to add a biography of the artist to it. this biography is now displayed on my own profile, which i find rather irritating.

anyhow, i guess, what my main point is, that i would really love to see a bit of a less restrictive structure, that allows people to show their work a bit more individual and to enable them to focus on things which are important for them. same goes for the profiles, where an easier and more intuitive way to edit things would be great.

but still, nice work!