Kate Armstrong
Since 2002
Works in United States of America

Kate Armstrong is a writer and new media artist who has lived and worked in Canada, France, Japan, Scotland and the United States. Her work has taken a variety of forms including short films, essays, net.art, performative network events, psychogeography and installation. Her theoretical work centres on themes of immanence and repetition. Her first book, Crisis & Repetition: Essays on Art and Culture, was published in 2002. Her artwork has been exhibited internationally. More information: http://katearmstrong.com

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IN[ ]EX:Vancouver::: Launch

Fri Jun 16, 2006 00:00 - Wed Jun 14, 2006

::::::::IN[ ]EX:::::::::

IN[ ]EX is a distributed audio sculpture in which thousands of wooden blocks with embedded technology are released into the city to engage the public as active agents.

The blocks are distributed through an array of interventions that reference early models of instruction-based participatory works.

As the blocks circulate, they transmit data which is collected by mesh networks and processed to create a constantly remixed sound environment in a shipping container.

IN[ ]EX explores the migration of capital, goods, and people through the ports and public spaces of Vancouver, Canada, and San Jose, California.
IN[ ]EX will launch at Centre A, Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, on June 16, 2006 and will be part of ISEA 2006 in San Jose, California August 7-13, 2006.

::::::::::::::::Schedule of Events::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Friday June 16:
Opening: Centre A, 8pm

Saturday June 17:
IN[ ]EX Opening Ceremonies with 1 City Block:1 City Block is a psychogeographical investigation of a single city block. The IN[ ]EX mobile unit will be on hand to take field readings of the activity that is generated by the release of the blocks. Centre A, 2pm

Wednesday June 21:
Opening: Earth: World Urban Festival (Great Northern Way), 3pm

Sunday June 25:
IN[ ]EX Closing Ceremonies: a traditional Japanese tea ceremony presented in association with World Tea Party. At the event we will be reading live data and serving live tea with Keith Snyder (Sensei Resident Urasenke Tea Ceremony Teacher) and Tea Trolley . On site at the container (WUF site): 4:30pm

:::::::::Distribution and Data Reading:
Various Events and Locations (Selected):::::::::::::::

These are some of the locations IN[ ]EX is planning to hit in Vancouver as we roam the city distributing blocks and collecting and creating events using our mobile mesh network. IN[ ]EX is a distributed audio sculpture in which the movement of people through the city generates an audio environment in the space of a shipping container.

Earth: The World Urban Festival : IN[ ]EX is on site at the festival from June 21-25. Come down anytime to see what's brewing.
WUF III: World Urban Forum
Tactical Ice Cream Unit (TICU): an initiative of The Centre for Tactical Magic
Public transportation tagged for live data readings (Bus, Skytrain, Seabus, Aquabus)
Centre A: from/in/around the Downtown East Side
Alcan Dragon Boat Festival
Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival and EastVan Chopper Fest
Stanley Park Bike Festival
Vancouver International Airport (International Pick up)
Hot Dogs with Morad
World Tea Party

:::::::::On the fly : Keep a lookout for blocks in the city :::::::::

IN[ ]EX is a collaborative project by Kate Armstrong, Bobbi Kozinuk, M. SImon Levin, Laurie Long, Leonard J. Paul, Manuel Pina, and Jean Routhier. Curator: Alice Ming Wai Jim.



Mawhrin-Skel Robot Opening in Vancouver

Thu May 11, 2006 00:00 - Wed May 03, 2006

Mawhrin-Skel (Robot Workshop)
Event and exhibition in the Grande Luxe

Western Front, 303 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC

Opening and performances Thursday May 11th at 8pm
Exhibition open May 12 and 13 from noon to 5pm

Free Admission

Robots by Deanne Achong, Kate Armstrong, Joelle Ciona, David Floren, and Matt Smith, with help from Dina Gonzalez Mascaro.

"Mawhrin-Skel" is a fictional character - an intelligent drone that, having failed to meet the conditions of its original purpose, is decommissioned and
left to wander aimlessly through a near utopian environment where it becomes a social nuisance and prankster. This character - invented by Ian M Banks in his 1989 novel "The Player of Games" - provides an interesting social and cultural entry point into the study of robots as both cultural artifacts and autonomous members of society. This project examines ideas of function, autonomy, artificial intelligence and purpose-driven technology. Working with performance and installation, the artists will showcase the results of a workshop series and residency in Wireless Robotics.

Curated by Peter Courtemanche


Upgrade Vancouver//with Daniel Jolliffe

Thu Apr 20, 2006 00:00 - Wed Apr 12, 2006

Talk Talk

Join us at 8pm on Thursday, April 20 for a talk by Vancouver-based media and
visual artist Daniel Jolliffe. Jolliffe will talk about his anonymous public
speech project Public Voices, comprised of the mobile sculpture One Free
Minute and upcoming public speech projects in Quebec City and San Jose,

Daniel Jolliffe has been a media/visual artist since 1989. Working with
sculptural frameworks that conceal the technology that gives rise to their
functionality, his works query how embodied conscious experience has been
changed by the intervention of technology. His interactive works and
technology-based art projects have been shown across Canada and

After the talk we will wander down to the Whip Gallery [209 east 6th
avenue] for a drink and some chatter. Please join!

When: Thursday, April 20 at 8pm
Where: Western Front, 303 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver, Canada

URL: http://www.katearmstrong.com/upgrade/vancouver/

On NowPublic: http://www.nowpublic.com/node/42693



Upgrade Vancouver//with David Jhave Johnston

Thu Mar 23, 2006 00:00 - Fri Mar 17, 2006

Get springy!

Join us Thursday, March 23rd at 8pm for a talk by David Jhave Johnston.
Jhave will talk about his digital poetry and curatorial projects. This will include a swift glance at Year01 public art projects Teletaxi and Transmedia 29:59 in the context of an evolution from installation-based in-situ works. Then he will give a rapid overview of his 2005 work as artist--in-residence at Le Chambre Blanche, project creator of Etay, and curator of Code; and presentation of two future projects that are in process: Amputation Box and Macroscope.

David Jhave Johnston is a digital poet and curatorial member of the Year01 collective. Jhave has been involved in numerous collaborative and solo digital and in-situ art practises (working with among others: Champ Libre,Bioteknica, Turbulence.org, ContinentX, Le Chambre Blanche, ActiveText, Symbiosis, Zoi...). His work has been exhibited at 2 new media Biennales:Montreal '03 & Toronto '04.

As always, we will adjourn after the talk to the Whip Gallery [209 east 6th avenue] for a drink and some chatter. Everyone welcome!

When: Thursday, March 23 at 8pm
Where: Western Front, 303 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver, Canada

URL: http://www.katearmstrong.com/upgrade/vancouver/

On NowPublic: http://www.nowpublic.com/node/35225


Upgrade Vancouver

Thu Jan 26, 2006 00:00 - Wed Jan 18, 2006

Upgrade your calendar!

Join us Thursday, January 26th at 8pm for a discussion with Kenneth Newby, Martin Gotfrit, Aleksandra Dulic and Dinka Pignon, who will show us One River (running) and talk about their work with the Computational Poetics Research Group. As always, we will adjourn after the talk to the Whip Gallery [209 east 6th avenue] for a drink and some chatter.

One River (running) is an interactive, immersive audio environment designed to create both a visual and audio experience of rivers ­ using a complex system of moving sound, moving images, and a physical structure also designed to echo the river¹s undulating geographic form. The artwork¹s images originate from digital photographs of people¹s mouths whom the team interviewed. These still images were then algorithmically programmed. The mouths recognize the voices, and move as though they are speaking the words they hear. The artists created a voice recognition software program to do this synchronization. The video is listening and responding to the audio. The piece was recently exhibited at the Surrey Art Gallery.

Kenneth Newby, Martin Gotfrit and Aleksandra Dulic are part of the Computational Poetics Research Group, a research project that works at the intersections of art, culture and computation and aims to articulate some of the features of an emergent poetics of digital art performance while developing a tool-set to enable artists working in the computational medium to create, present and document their work. A key objective of their work is to share the compositional process and the issues that arise in the work of interdisciplinary computational media performance. Contemporary computational techniques enable creative and performing artists to enter into new collaborative relationships with encoded systems.

When: Thursday, January 26 at 8pm
Where: Western Front, 303 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver, Canada
FREE! Everyone welcome.

URL: http://www.katearmstrong.com/upgrade/vancouver/

On NowPublic: http://www.nowpublic.com/node/27770