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kanarinka, a.k.a. Catherine D’Ignazio, is an artist and educator. Her artwork is participatory and distributed – a single project might take place online, in the street and in a gallery, and involve multiple audiences participating in different ways for different reasons. Her practice is collaborative even when she says it’s not. Her artwork has been exhibited at the ICA Boston, Eyebeam, MASSMoCA, and the Western Front among other locations.

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Boston bomb-terrorism-art-marketing scare

Yesterday a bunch of LED signs with cartoon characters from a TV show
shut down the city of Boston. They were installed on bridges,
overpasses, etc.

City officials spent $750,000 deploying first responders to the site
of the cartoons.

Now they have arrested two of the "artists" who were hired by
Interference, Inc, a guerrilla marketing firm who was hired by Turner

Bail for the artists is set at $100,000.

One of the LED signs is on sale on eBay for $5,000.

This world gets weirder and weirder.


Boston officials livid over ad stunt
Yahoo! News

By KEN MAGUIRE, Associated Press Writer 56 minutes ago

Livid about a publicity campaign that disrupted the city by stirring
fears of terrorism, Boston officials vowed to prosecute those
responsible and seek restitution, while others mocked authorities on
Thursday for what they called an overreaction.

Officials found a slew of blinking electronic signs adorning bridges
and other high-profile spots across the city Wednesday, prompting the
closing of a highway and part of the Charles River and the deployment
of bomb squads.

The 38 signs were part of a promotion for the Cartoon Network TV show
"Aqua Teen Hunger Force," a surreal series about a talking milkshake,
a box of fries and a meatball. The network's parent is Turner
Broadcasting Systems Inc.

"It is outrageous, in a post 9/11 world, that a company would use
this type of marketing scheme," Mayor Thomas Menino said. "I am
prepared to take any and all legal action against Turner Broadcasting
and its affiliates for any and all expenses incurred."

The 1-foot tall signs, which were lit up at night, resembled a
circuit board, with protruding wires and batteries. Most depicted a
boxy, cartoon character giving passersby the finger



L@@K!! Terms For Sale on EBAY for the NEW AMERICAN DICTIONARY!!!

Browse through eBay between Friday, December 1st and 31st, 2006 and
you may stumble upon one of twenty-five artists' auctions. All exist
under the umbrella of ebayaday [ http://www.ebayaday.com ], a serial
exhibition (one auction debuts each day) of artworks in the form of
auctions. Each listing was created for the online marketplace and
uses the entire listing -- item for sale, online identities,
desriptive text and imagery, as well as the nomenclature of eBay's
categories -- as elements in the work.


The right to define words is power. You can buy power.

For ebayaday, the Institute for Infinitely Small Things is publishing
THE NEW AMERICAN DICTIONARY, a compilation of new terms by and for
Americans in the new millenium. This dictionary is uniquely
democratic: YOU get to define the most important new words in it by
purchasing them on eBay!

EXCLUSIVE until Dec 24th! Bid Now for as low as $0.95!!



Ebayaday artists

Conrad Bakker, Matthew Bryant, Carl Diehl, Karen Eliot, Charles
Fairbanks, Marc Ganzglass, Josh Greene, Abhishek Hazra, Ellen Harvey,
Christine Hill / Volksboutique, Nancy Hwang, Institute for Infinitely
Small Things, Robin Kahn, Osman Khan, Sheryl Oring, William Pope L.,
Dan Price, REBAR, John Roos, Davy Rothbart, Yashas Shetty, Slop
Mountain College faculty, Adriane Herman & Brian Reeves, Nick Tobier,
Annie Varnot.



CALL FOR WORK: A Thousand Tiny Sexes

Fri Nov 17, 2006 08:17

/*********/ please forward /***********/

A publication edited by Jaimes Mayhew and kanarinka


To imagine that there are only two sexes - M & F - is an absurdity.
There are at least 1000 sexes. The daily lived reality of transgender
and intersexual people (and gay, lesbian, queer and all other people,
for that matter) proves this over and over again, yet many people
continue to operate as if 'M' and 'F' are the only sexes, the only
options, the only expressions, the only goals, the only way ("the way
it is").

Help us imagine 1000 more sexes. Describe them, imagine them, invent
them, publish them, use them, realize them, perform them.

A Thousand Tiny Sexes is an art-book-research-action project to
collect and publish 1000 proposals for TINY SEXES which are not Male
or Female. We are setting out to collect a thousand more sexes -
imaginary ones, as-yet-unrealized ones, or real ones- in the hopes
that these one thousand might make for one thousand more after that.
In so doing, we hope to contribute to a collective reimagining of sex
as a legal, biological, political, economic, cultural, and political


The collection of A Thousand Tiny Sexes will be published as a book
with an introductory essay by the editors, Jaimes Mayhew and
kanarinka. We are seeking publishers. The publication will be
available for sale once published. Submissions must meet the criteria
below and the editors reserve the right to reject any submission.


* Deadline: No deadline, we will keep collecting until we have 1000
good ones.
* You may not propose a sex such as Male or Female that has been
legally codified and naturalized as "the way things are".
* You may propose "in-between" sexes which are combinations of Male-
Female, but we will favor sexes that seek to entirely reimagine sex
as a biological, cultural, political, and social category.
* Multiple submissions OK.
* We prefer visual submissions to text, though both are ok. Diagrams
and drawings with fine lines are especially encouraged.
* Original artwork will not be returned.


* Download and Complete the submission form on the website - www.
* Attach your Drawing, Image or Text. 1.5 inches x 1.5 inches (3.8 cm
x 3.8 cm) or less in dimensions. B&W, no Color.
* Email 300dpi electronic submissions to 1000tinysexes@gmail.com or
mail them to: Jaimes Mayhew, 102 Longwood Ave #3, Brookline, MA, 02446.


* Email us at 1000tinysexes@gmail.com
* Visit the site at www.1000tinysexes.com


"If we consider the great binary aggregates, such as the sexes or
classes, it is evident that they also cross over into molecular
assemblages of a different nature, and that there is a double
reciprocal dependency between them. For the two sexes imply a
multiplicity of molecular combinations bringing into play not only
the man in the woman and the woman in the man, but the relation of
each to the animal, the plant, etc.: a thousand tiny sexes."
(Deleuze and Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus).

"There is nothing about a binary gender system that is given."
(Judith Butler, Undoing Gender)


Conflux 2006: The Annual NYC Festival for Contemporary Psychogeography

The Annual NYC Festival for Contemporary Psychogeography

Thursday, September 14 - Sunday, September 17


Conflux is the annual New York festival for contemporary
psychogeography, the investigation of everyday urban life through
emerging artistic, technological and social practice.

At Conflux, participants, along with attendees and the public, put
their investigations into action on the city streets. The city
becomes a playground, a laboratory and a space for the development of
new networks and communities.

Conflux events are free and open to the public. They include works
from over 75 participating artists and presenters:

* walks and tours
* lectures, workshops, and panels
* street games and tech-enabled expeditions
* interactive performance
* social / environmental research
* public art installations
* audio / video / film programs

CHECK OUT THE SCHEDULE: http://www.confluxfestival.org

Conflux is produced by Glowlab. The 2006 edition is co-curated by
Christina Ray, Dave Mandl and iKatun.

Conflux Production: Glowlab
Producer: Christina Ray
Assistant Producer: Sarah Pace
Curatorial Team: Christina Ray, Dave Mandl, iKatun
Graphic Design: Kurt Bigenho
Information Architecture: Christina Ray
Programming: Jeffrey Barke
Special Thanks: Melissa McCaig-Welles, Jessica Thompson, Robin
Antiga, Krista Jenkins, Nicole Sierra


XENOMORPH: ALIEN AGENCY - call for science fiction

call for submissions:

XENOMORPH: ALIEN AGENCY (Xaa) provides an internet home for
innovative, experimental work on and in the science fiction mode. Sf
is not only a genre, but also a mode of awareness and production
particularly relevant in these First Days of the 21st century. In
the recent past, the sf genre has produced unprecedented "sf fx" in
the able handminds of Gwyneth Jones, Ken Macleod, Octavia E. Butler
and many others. At the same time, sf has exploded beyond the
limits of genre and begun to make waves in fields as disparate as
music, art, critical theory, architecture, and politics. Sf theory,
for example, has left the confines of "SF Studies" per se and taken
new forms in the work of Donna Haraway, Jean Baudrillard, and Manuel
Delanda. SF music and art, too, have produced exciting sf agents
like Sun Ra, Ebon Fisher, and the Center for Tactical Magic. Sf
technoscience should of course be very familiar to futurists; the sf
mode productions of K. Eric Drexler, Hans Moravec, and Nicholas
Negroponte spring to mind. And, of course, the sf mode is wider
still: TV, film, RPGs, MMORPGs, and other games, anime, etc. Xaa
brings these and other strands of sf mode activity together, focusing
especially on sf fx, anthropocentrism, ecological ethics and alien
agency, among other possible topics. Neologistic by nature, Xaa
actively seeks new ways of thinking, speaking, writing, worlding,
making, and playing.

XENOMORPH: ALIEN AGENCY needs you! Pose questions you can't answer,
make mini-manifestoes, lay bare your craziest reflections and wildest
theories. Submissions for this first edition are open to any and all,
in all fields, disciplines, and media; an interest in the sf mode, in
the futures, and in new possibilities is the only requirement. For
our first edition, we are accepting short texts (300 word maximum)
and small widgets (images, video, etc), with a preference for the
experimental, the innovative, and the eccentric.

Deadline for submissions: 20 September 02006
Contact: sfmode@alienagency.org