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kanarinka, a.k.a. Catherine D’Ignazio, is an artist and educator. Her artwork is participatory and distributed – a single project might take place online, in the street and in a gallery, and involve multiple audiences participating in different ways for different reasons. Her practice is collaborative even when she says it’s not. Her artwork has been exhibited at the ICA Boston, Eyebeam, MASSMoCA, and the Western Front among other locations.

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Hi Manik,

if you are going to insult nice people for absolutely no reason then you
should at least correct your spelling. "INTELECTUAL SHIT" should be
"INTELLECTUAL SHIT" for future reference.


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That's your FACE.You are layer.Worthless piece of so called

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Hi Manik,

We've just about finished creating a site so people can view what you
have sent to us, plus I am half way through writing the review. I will
be sending the latest batch of new works featured on furtherfield, yours
will be after this batch along with another group of creative
individuals/groups - possibly next week.

This the Url for the site (still not finished) but worth you having a
look at it, let us know if you need anything changing on it. It's worth
noting that on the right side there will be a small bit of txt of the
review itself, linking to the larger review once I have finished it...

hope you are well :-)

(p.s I thik that there might be some missing - let me know if there is)



Interview with turbulence.org - Boston New Media is Mediumly Old

Hello all,

Check out the article by kanarinka about surveying the Boston new media
with turbulence.org in this month's issue of Big RED
& Shiny.

"New Media is Mediumly Old: Surveying the Boston New Media Scene with


Please send me any feedback, comments, questions.

Check out the other articles, news and reviews while you are there - Big
RED & Shiny is an
excellent new resource for Boston-related art news & discussion.



Re: Re: Deadline Extended for DIS 2004 Exhibits, Boston

We submit a pre-proposal from iKatun and have not heard anything back.

Anyone else?

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Subject: RHIZOME_RAW: Re: Deadline Extended for DIS 2004 Exhibits,

Did anyone get a pre-proposal back with commentsfrom them when they
first posted this opportunity up awhile ago?

- Ed

Hyun-Yeul Lee wrote:

> Call for exhibition proposals - DIS 2004 Boston
> *Extended Submission Deadline: April 20th, 2004
> Exhibition Overview
> DIS 2004 is keen to further encourage interchange between artists and
> designers engaged with exploring the boundaries of interactive
> technologies, through the addition for the first time of an exhibition

> programme of design and art projects. Accepted submissions will also
> be eligible for the DIS 2004 Design Awards. If you wish your work to
> be considered for the design awards please see the Design Awards
> section of the DIS 2004 website - www.sigchi.org/dis2004
> We particularly encourage:
> - exhibits relating to industrial/commercial design projects
> - interactive performance and installation based work
> - site-specific interactive work
> - work that 'leaks out' into the surrounding
> environment/community/context, or that encourages the surrounding
> environment/community/context to 'leak into' the conference
> - web and screen based work
> - interactive installations/performances
> - work that explores new forms of interaction, or exploits emerging
> interaction technologies
> - work that blurs boundaries between e.g. interaction design and
> product design, interaction design and architecture, interaction
> design and fashion, etc.
> Submission Process
> Final proposals
> Final proposal packages should include the following information and
> supporting materials. In general they will include the following:
> - names and contact details of the proposers
> - a technical summary of the requirements for exhibit
> - a summary of the interaction experience for the audience and an
> indication of how much space will be required for the exhibit
> - a clear statement as to what technical support will be required from

> the exhibits committee and what technical needs will be met by the
> proposer
> - c. 750 word max proposal outlining the aims and objectives of the
> project, and the form of the exhibit (screen shots, mock-ups etc may
> be included as appendices)
> - brief CVs of the proposers including details of previous exhibits
> (if any)
> - samples of the work can be submitted in *either physical or digital
> form:
> [physical submission: designs must be submitted via four (4) copies of
> physical media (CDROM, DVD, PC Format Diskette or NTSC or PAL VHS
> Videotape)]
> [digital submission: web sites that contain designs and support
> material (i.e. *.jpeg, *.mov, *.mpeg, etc; note that if web sites are
> not operational at the time of review, the proposal will be rejected.]
> Exhibition co-chairs: Catriona Macaulay (Centre for Interactive Media
> Design, University of Dundee, UK) and Hyun-Yeul Lee (MIT Media Lab,
> US)
> Important Dates
> *Final proposal submission deadline: April 20th, 2004
> Notification of results: May 1st 2004
> Exhibition/conference dates: 1st - 4th August 2004
> (* The deadline has been extended to April 20th from the previous
> deadline March 10th, 2004)
> Mailing Instructions
> [1] Physical Submissions (final proposals via mail) should be sent to:
> Dr Catriona Macaulay
> School of Design, Centre for Interactive Media Design University of
> Dundee Faculty of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design
> Perth Road, Dundee DD1 4HT
> UK
> Email: catriona@computing.dundee.ac.uk
> [2] Digital Submissions (final proposals via email with URL pointer)
> should be sent to:
> Email: catriona@computing.dundee.ac.uk
> Include in the subject line of the email: "DIS2004 Exhibits Final
> Proposal" Include in the body of the email: Name/s of submission
> applicants, Title of work, and URL pointer to website
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RESEARCH PROJECT - Call for participation

Tue Feb 17, 2004 22:05

Please upload any and all instant messenging (IM) conversations to
iKatun's new research database, "reimaginings".


Steal them from friends, spy on your enemies. Copy and paste your IM
conversations into immortality through our Reimaginings Prism Engine
2004 rX. Watch them reenacted through text2speech and google. All in the
service of science, progress and perfection.

With your help we can develop rSpectrum 2.0 -- the perfect color
spectrum. Every visit, every upload, every survey filled out helps usher
in a new age in color modelling, informatic dynamism and precision

Kanarinka and the iKatun research team

February 16, 2004
Turbulence Commission: /reimaginings/ by iKatun
Instructions: Turn your sound on and get Flash Player 6+

/reimaginings/ is a research project that aims to augment the Newtonian
7-Color Spectrum by developing a more appropriate model for the digital
age: rSpectrum 2.0. It has become apparent that the 7-C Spectrum and the
color models that evolved after Newton's discovery (RGB, HSB, CMYK,
L*A*B, et. al.) are inadequate for the contemporary practitioner in the
arts and sciences.

/reimaginings/ returns to the classical 7-C Spectrum and its fundamental
truths as the departure point for this study. By applying various
analytic-conceptual models [Newtonian, Chronological, Nodal,
Reenactment], natural language processing (IM conversations) and custom
digital and telecommunication technologies [notably, the Reimaginings
Prism Engine 2004 RX (patent pending)], rSpectrum 2.0 will be a more
perfect representation of the perceptual and conceptual phenomenon of
color in the current age of complexity and informatic dynamism.

/reimaginings/ is a 2003 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts,
Inc. (aka Ether-Ore) for its Turbulence web site. It was made possible
with funding from the LEF Foundation.



damn! i am a fake artist. i guess i can't apply.

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We are looking for visual artist working in Video, 3D, Photo, and Film
to participate in development of digital video/music project. Project
planned as a DVD/Web release and live performance where video and music
tracks will compliment each other. Each track can be a short
experimental film approx. 4 min. long. Full length will be around 80

Project will be a studio (Los Angeles area) and web (file exchange)

It's a well-known fact that most of today's artists concern about making
money anyway they can. FYI this is a non-commercial, experimental, and
art oriented project. Artistic and creative value our first priority.

We are looking for true artists

Project staff.

Need a new email address that people can remember
Check out the new EudoraMail at
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