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censorship puzzle is solved! user comes clean...

okay, i guess the censorship gig is up ya'll...
i really wish i had planned it and could say it was some kind of
performance.art to freak everyone out about security and all that BUT>>i

i have not had a chance to read my rhizome mail for at least a week and
it has piled up in the mailbox waiting for me. and finally today i went
in there and began to read and then...the plot...it began to unfold!!!
and i was a major part of it, if not the cause!!!!

much to my amusement, but maybe not everyone in this forums...we loaded
upTrends ScanMail for our server this week for our ongoing severe spam
problem. AND apparently some of the content filters are still on and
being "tweaked". i received a copy of scanmails' filter alert about some
content from furtherfield earlier this week...but i have been so
overwhelmed in tech-land this week i just dismissed it for later view.

and NOW i see that the scanmail messages have sent this list into a
NO >>>rhizome is not being CENSORED! but my work is trying to be...at
least partly spam free. i do not like the content filters. we had
auction ads for our company bounced this week because of the word rape.
(it was the word, scraper..as in equipment? ya know, a scraper? duh!)

so i apologize for any troubles this caused!!!!
we are all safe. the software police are not coming................yet.

we are loading up the list@rhizome.org email address to our filter now
so this should stop happening in the future. and i will keep my eyes on
rhizome messages to see if it gets fixed.
sorry! J>


Re: The Richest Scum in America

i am appreciating these links very much!....esp. the garden of
gethsemane!!!!! most excellent, thank you. J>

...The Richest Scum in America
by Maria Tomchick...


pearl video

wuz just reading about the removal of the daniel pearl video from
http://www.ogrish.com. they have a statement there as to the removal
of the video--and a comment about the slow removal of our rights to
see or not see what we choose.

original wired article is the 2nd article on the front page of
http://www.wired.com. most interesting.