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the moment of long now


"The Moment of Long Now"

Juha Huuskonen, Tuomas Toivonen

http://kastanja.org/tmln - http://www.beeoff.se

Shown on-line and at museums in Finland (Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art)
and Sweden (the County Museums of Gavle, Harnosand and Lulea) between
June 10th - July 7th, 02002. The Moment on Long Now is a part of beeoff
project series, to view the work go to the address www.beeoff.se or visit
one of the museums.

The Moment of Long Now is an alternative news tv channel. The channel is
showing common every day news footage, but with a pace and rhythm that is
a hundred times slower than what we are used to. Short news fragments are
magnified and manipulated in various ways, creating a sensation of time
passing within a still moment.

The Moment of Long Now encourages people to stop and think. The name of
the project was inspired by The Long Now Foundation, an organisation with
a goal "to promote 'slower/better' thinking and to foster creativity in
the framework of the next 10,000 years."

Concept and programming: Juha Huuskonen
Sound: Tuomas Toivonen

The Moment of Long Now was created using the Qutomo graphics engine, which
will be released autumn 2002 as an open-source tool for artists. The
development of Qutomo is supported by the Arts Council of Finland and AVEK.