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Joy Garnett is a painter based in New York. She appropriates news images from the Internet and re-invents them as paintings. Her subject is the apocalyptic-sublime landscape, as well as the digital image itself as cultural artifact in an increasingly technologized world. Her image research has resulted in online documentation projects, most notably The Bomb Project.

Notable past exhibitions include her recent solo shows at Winkleman Gallery, New York and at the National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC; group exhibitions organized by the Whitney Museum of American Art, P.S.1/MoMA Contemporary Art Center, Artists Space, White Columns (New York), Kettle's Yard, Cambridge (UK), and De Witte Zaal, Ghent (Belgium). She shows with aeroplastics contemporary, Brussels, Belgium.

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"project: rendition" opens @ Momenta Fri, 5/25

Momenta Art presents:

"project: rendition"

May 25 through June 25, 2007

Reception: Friday, May 25, 7-9 pm

Gallery hours: Thursday through Monday, 12-6

momenta art
359 Bedford Avenue. Brooklyn, NY 11211


project: rendition is a collaboration by JC2, a group composed of
artists Joy Episalla, Joy Garnett, Carrie Moyer and Carrie Yamaoka.

project: rendition examines the concept of rendering through an
installation that incorporates elements of architecture, printed
agitprop, audio, and performance in an interactive environment.

The project title refers to "extraordinary rendition," the Bush
Administration's practice of clandestine kidnapping and extradition of
suspected terrorists to countries where they can be interrogated and
tortured beyond the reach of the US judicial system. While
extraordinary rendition is an extreme form of political repression,
state-induced fear and disenfranchisement are far more common means of
rendering individuals and whole populations politically mute or
existentially invisible.

The exhibition revolves around a five-sided structure built entirely
of one-way mirror, which functions as an inverted Panopticon, or
surveillance tower. Visitors may either observe those inside the
illuminated structure from the safety of the darkened gallery or
reverse roles and become potential objects of scrutiny or fascination
by entering it.

An excerpt from the famous 1630 sermon, "A Model of Christian
Charity," written by the first Governor of the Massachusetts Bay
Colony, John Winthrop, will be available as a free broadside to
visitors. From Ronald Reagan's "Shining City on the Hill" to George
Bush Sr.'s "Thousand Points of Light," Winthrop's Puritan text has
served as the lynchpin for the philosophy of American exceptionalism
for the past 200 years.

Performances are scheduled to take place on site throughout the
duration of the show. Please check the project: rendition website for
performance schedule:

JC2 thanks Brian Webster for his invaluable technical expertise,
without which this project would not have been realized.


DIRECTIONS: Momenta Art is located at 359 Bedford Avenue, ground
floor, between S 4th and S 5th Sts. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. By
subway, take the L train to Bedford stop (the first stop in Brooklyn).
Exit on the Bedford side. Walk south 12 blocks. By car, take the
outside lane of the Williamsburg Bridge to the first exit. Make a
sharp right onto Broadway. Drive 2 blocks to Bedford Avenue and make a
right. We are located a half block on the right after you pass under
the bridge.


530 laguardia place #5, nyc 10012


Fwd: Open Call: 450 women have been murdered in Ciudad Juarez

-------- Original Message -------- Subject: Open Call: 450 women have been
murdered in Ciudad Juarez Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 08:00:19 -0700 (PDT) Fro=
SAC Gallery <> <> To:

The SAC Gallery invites artists in any media to submit
work to be considered for the show "450 Women Have
Been Murdered In Ciudad Juarez" to be held in the Fall
of 2007. The show will address the ongoing unsolved
crimes against and disappearances of women in the
Mexican Border City of Ciudad Juarez. There are
currently more than 450 women murdered and 600
Please submit any appropriate materials. Online
submissions only. Please include any pertinent
information regarding the artist, the work and the
needs for the piece(s).


SAC Gallery se invita a todo artista a enviar imagines
de su obrar para que se la considere para la
exposicion "450 women have been murdered in Ciudad
Juarez/ 450 Mujeres han sido asesinadas en Ciudad
Juarerz" que se inaugurara en el Otono de 2007. El
tema de la exposicion seran las crimenes en contra de
y las desapariciones de las mujeres de Ciudad Juarez
que hasta la fecha son mas que 450 asesinadas y 600

Favor de someter cualquier materia apropriada. La
galleria aceptara solamente trabajo popr internet.
Incluye toda informaci


Art Fag City Launches AiR for iCommons

Along with MTAA and a half dozen other artists, I was invited to be do a
residency with iCommons and will attend their annual summit, to be held
this year in Dubrovnik. Art Fag City honcho Paddy Johnson will be the art
blogger in attendance and is helping launch the residency by interviewing
each of us either in person (locally in NYC/Bkyn) or via Skype.... She has
already posted a two-part interview with MTAA:

part 1

my interview was posted on the iCommons blog today,

and a portion of it is also up on AFC:

We'll all be heading to Dubrovnik in early June. More to come.



Fwd: 1-year position - Digital Media - University of Nevada, Reno.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: May 6, 2007 2:40 PM
Subject: 1-year position - Digital Media - University of Nevada, Reno.

One-year Sabbatical Replacement Position OPEN in Digital Media at the
University of Nevada, Reno.

Please send the info/application link below to anyone interested. If you
want more info about the position, school and/or Reno, you can contact me
directly. It's a great place to work, esp. for a year. (uh, Reno is NOT
Vegas, remember! We are where Lake Tahoe is, north of San Fran. No state
income tax too!) Also, you may be eligible to teach for extra $ during the
January term between semesters.


*If the link doesn't take you directly to the decription and application,
just click on the top left corner under "Search Postings," then scroll down
under "Job Title" to Lecturer, Digital Media then click on Search.*

*Thanks and good luck!

Marjorie Vecchio, PhD
Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery
University of Nevada, Reno
Art Dept/MS 224
Reno, NV 89557


Re: Jean Baudrillard brought to Second Life

wow, some feat -- you have him in chains!

On 4/8/07, <> wrote:
> Jean Baudrillard brought to Second Life
> ------------
> Ester Dreier and Lamb Lamont are proud to announce that Jean
> Baudrillard has been caught while floating around the Odyssey art
> gallery.
> Look at the amazing philosopher, take pictures and click on him to let
> him talk about death, life, and how is it to be a simulacrum!
> Baudrillard will be available in Odyssey art gallery as long as we can
> retain his soul.
> ------------
> Exactly one month after his Real Life death, Jean Baudrillard was brought
> to Second Life by
> Ester Dreier (a.k.a. Paolo Ruffino)
> Lamb Lamont (a.k.a. Lamberto Azzariti)
> script by Masami Kuramoto
> texts by Matteo Bittanti
> special thanks to
> Sugar Seville
> (a.k.a.Eva & Franco Mattes)
> Gazira Babeli
> +