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Joy Garnett is a painter based in New York. She appropriates news images from the Internet and re-invents them as paintings. Her subject is the apocalyptic-sublime landscape, as well as the digital image itself as cultural artifact in an increasingly technologized world. Her image research has resulted in online documentation projects, most notably The Bomb Project.

Notable past exhibitions include her recent solo shows at Winkleman Gallery, New York and at the National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC; group exhibitions organized by the Whitney Museum of American Art, P.S.1/MoMA Contemporary Art Center, Artists Space, White Columns (New York), Kettle's Yard, Cambridge (UK), and De Witte Zaal, Ghent (Belgium). She shows with aeroplastics contemporary, Brussels, Belgium.

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Re: RHIZOME_RAW: Re: Where is the Rhizome?

a "fucking cigar" -- now that's a whole different ball of wax.

On 9/4/07, Joseph Franklyn McElroy <> wrote:
> did you really receive some information?
> joseph
> Steve OR Steven Read wrote:
> > Discussion about a lack of discussion yields a discussion. I have
> nothing to contribute to this discussion but to say that its a good
> discussion. OUch, I bit my tail. I think the discussers are all right on.
> But now I'm craving a big fucking cigar, either that or an instantaneous WEB
> 4.0. I'm truly sorry if I have nothing to contribute but an affirmation of
> information received.
> > Stephe Reed.
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Re: RHIZOME_RAW: Another Announcement on Raw

There are times... when a cigar is just a cigar.

On 9/4/07, M. River <> wrote:

But yeah, relax. It will be alright. Let's have a cigar."

On 9/4/07, Lauren Cornell <> wrote:Hello Rhizome

All our interns get free cigars upon arrival.



OnLine Editor needed for a groundbreaking new site...


OnLine Editor needed for a groundbreaking new site comprised of arts
information and resources. The successful candidate is an experienced editor
with an depth knowledge of the art market, a thorough understanding of the
online editorial process and information architecture, managerial
experience, as well as solid skills managing calendars and content.

We are seeking an exceptionally buoyant and productive person. An inherent
passion and energy for the job is crucial. Please submit a resume
accompanied by a short letter of introduction for consideration to


Fwd: [free-culture] Boycott Regal Cinemas


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Fred Benenson <>
Date: Aug 8, 2007 11:52 AM
Subject: [free-culture] Boycott Regal Cinemas
To: "Free Culture @ NYU's list serv" <>

Free Culture @ NYU,

Click here to help publicize this story:


We are joining the
a chain wideboycott of Regal Cinemas over their draconian punishment
a 19 year-old girl caught taping 20 seconds of the Transformers film.* We
demand that Regal Cinemas drop all charges against Jhannet Sejas, and that
the entertainment group issue a full apology to the teen.*

From a recent Washington Post
Jhannet's arrest:

"I was terrified," said Sejas, her voice breaking. "I was crying. I've never
been in trouble before." She said the assistant manager of the theater saw
her holding up the Canon Power
reported it to the general manager, who called police.

Sejas said she had no intention of selling the 20-second film clip. She just
wanted to show it to her 13-year-old brother, who had said he wanted to see
the movie. She was shocked when the officers showed up.

Sejas faces up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $2,500 when she goes to
trial this month in the July 17 incident.
spokesman John
it was the decision of Regal Cinemas Ballston Common 12 to prosecute
the case, a first for Arlington police.

While the question of whether or not Jhannet's Transformers clip counts as fair
use <> (it is our opinion that it does,
as it is private, non-commercial use of an unsubstantial portion of the
original), there is another question we should be asking, and that is
whether or not we should be patronizing a corporation that insists on
pressing charges against someone who is clearly not the intended target of
anti-piracy laws. Regal Cinemas should be ashamed of itself and its silly
zero-tolerance policy.

Here's a list of Regal Cinemas in New York City that you should not

Regal Union Square Stadium 14
850 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

Regal E-Walk Stadium 13
247 W. 42nd St., New York, NY 10036

Regal Battery Park Stadium 11
102 North End Ave., New York, NY 10281

UA 64th St and 2nd Ave
1210 Second Ave., New York, NY 10021

UA East 85th St
1629 First Ave., New York, NY 10028

UA Court Street Stadium 12
108 Court St., Brooklyn, NY 11201

UA Kaufman Astoria Stadium 14
35-30 38th St., Astoria, NY 11101

Regal Atlas Park Stadium 8
80-28 Cooper Avenue, Glendale, NY 11385

UA Brandon Cinemas
70-20 Austin St., Forest Hills, NY 11375

UA Midway Stadium 9
108-22 Queens Blvd., Forest Hills, NY 11375

UA Sheepshead Bay Stadium 14
3907 Shore Pkwy., Brooklyn, NY 11235

UA Staten Island Stadium 16
2474 Forest Ave., Staten Island, NY 10303

UA Hylan Plaza 5
107 Mill Road, Staten Island, NY 10306

Click here <> for
a page where you can find Regal Cinemas in your area.

We wish Jhannet the best of luck in defending herself against Regal Cinemas
and hope that the chain will soon realize how inappropriate and sadistic its
actions were.

Thanks and good luck!
Fred Benenson
President, Free Culture @ NYU
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