Joshua Rickenbaugh
Since 2002
Works in Mcalisterville United States of America

Well I love art. I drew all my life...and also painted and fooled around with music and photography...And in 1997 I started my full-time student enrollment at Kutztown University where I went on to receive my Bachelor's in Fine Art. I currently work in many mediums but the digital world is what has me going. View my works on She is She dot com. Also check out my blog
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KnewSeen (eclectic image archive)

What does 35mm, Polaroid, Digital Manipulations, Drawings & Paintings have in common? Plenty I guess. Check out my obsessive creations at

The Anomaly Series is a collection of cameraless imagery (photograms) that slightly resemble x-rays or macro/micro imagery. It is my little secret as to how they were made...