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Since 2002
Works in New York United States of America

The McElroys are a husband and wife collaborative artist, technology, and business team who bring significant artistic, technology and community development skills to Corporate Performance Artists. Joseph, is a graduate of Computer Science from Duke University and a former team leader at IBM. He has been a CEO of several companies, and has been responsible for raising $2 million to fund a startup company called, which while part of the dot-com boom and bust, he managed to bring to profitability and which still survives to this day.

Donna was an operations manager and PR specialist in the firms they have started together. She has recently been credited by several business leaders in the Bronx as being "top spokesperson for the Bronx." She is active in many community development projects, such as participating on the Board of the Bruckner Arts and Antique District, and working to promote many Bronx activities through an online newsletter called Cupcake Kaleidoscope.

Joseph was the leader of the Open Source Sig for the New York Software Industry Association. And was track co-chair for Open Source at the 2001 New York Software Industry Summit. He was on the advisory board for PostgreSql, Inc - the leading Open Source Database and has had articles published by Lutris Technologies and Open Magazine on Open Source business models and technology solutions. He is a database expert with extensive Fortune 500 experience. Among other awards, he won an IBM Division Award for Technical Excellence.

From magazine "Open" issue September 2001 - "The McElroys kick open the doors of old business models and capitalize on what they believe." The McElroys have achieved re-known as Open Source visionaries with interviews by Interactive Week, Infoworld, Fortune Technology, Open magazine, and others. Joseph and Donna make no claims of divine insight, but in review by Lewis Lacock, it is said, "that this dynamic duo of art are the closest things we have to true shamans today". They are doing their best to pursue the knowledge to support such claims someday.


* Achieved reputation as Open Source visionarys with interviews by Interactive Week, Infoworld, Fortune Technology, Open magazine among others.
* National Columnist on Money Matters for
* Judge for the Advanced Technical Categories of the Emmys.
* Successfully raised $2 million funding for startup.
* Successfully built and sold two technology businesses.
* First Entry into the Multimedia wing of the Museum of Computer Art.
* Artwork collected by the Library at Cornell University.
* Artwork in the collection of
* Developed first ever Exhibition Catalog completely on CD Rom. Done for Alternative Museum. Reviewed by New York Times.
* Selected to attend first ever Summer Institute for Performance Art at The Kitchen in NYC.
* IBM Division Award for Technical Excellence.
* Various academic, mathematic and scholarship awards. Attended Duke University on a full scholarship in mathematics.
* Poetry published in various journals. Art exhibited in museum shows.
* Certificate of Artistic Excellence from Congressman Jose Serrano.
* Recognized by Bronx Borough President Aldofo Carrion for contributions to the community.
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Call For Artists: Searching For God

interactive works do not necessarily translate to .mov files. I would think pilgrimages and explorations of a virtual nature would be very interesting.


epic net art

Most companies during that time were fake. When I was raising capital I used to tell people first we would be an entertainment company, then a service, then a utility. And how many companies are a success by accident (Burt's Bees, Mark Levinson, Craigslist etc) To claim after the failure that it was fake and performance art is ridiculous. If true, probably a crime. But to put in the domain of Art, someone has to know beforehand. Send a letter to yourself, notarize something, put a note in a public forum.

Josh likes attention.

"I vant to be a genius"



Masterclass in street art using open source technologies

This sounds so professional and organized it is almost corporate. And
look at all the keywords!!!!!

Now is there anything to help us reclaim our surroundings from unchecked
development and oh-so-artistic visual culture.


ANAT Communications wrote:
> 3-7 March 2008
> Artspace @ Adelaide Festival Centre
> Applications close November 16, 2007
> Applications are now open for participation in a week-long masterclass
> with the Graffiti Research Lab (NY).
> Evan Roth and James Powderly (Graffiti Research Lab) are dedicated to
> outfitting street artists with open source technologies for urban
> communication. The goal of GRL is to technologically empower
> individuals to creatively alter and reclaim their surroundings from
> unchecked development and corporate visual culture. GRL have been
> touring the globe (SIGGRAPH, Ars Electronica, Numusic Festival, Art
> Rotterdam) demonstrating and teaching new graffiti technologies and DIY
> skills to diverse public audiences. Their work has been featured in the
> NY Times, Wooster Collective, TIME Magazine, Visual Resistance and The
> Village Voice. In 2006, Ars Electronica presented GRL with an Award of
> Distinction in Interactive Art.
> Evan Roth is a media maker interested in uses of technology in popular
> culture and the urban environment. Evan received an MFA from Parsons
> where he now teaches courses on visual programming and Geek Graffiti.
> He is also a senior fellow at the Eyebeam OpenLab, an open source
> creative technology research and development lab for the public domain.
> He is the creator of Graffiti Analysis (video), a project that uses
> motion tracking, computer vision technology, and a custom C++
> application to record and analyse a graffiti writer's pen movement over
> time. Evan's media experiments include Explicit Content Only and
> Graffiti Taxonomy.
> James Powderly is an artist and engineer working in the field of
> robotics, physical computing and artificially intelligent art. James
> studied at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and the
> Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, receiving his Master's
> Degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program. From 2002,
> James worked at Honeybee Robotics where he developed technology for
> NASA's Mars Exploration Rover that is currently on the surface of the
> red planet. James has previously worked at Eyebeam OpenLab as an artist
> in residence, he is a partner in RobotClothes, and the co-founder of
> the Robotics Society of America New York City Chapter.
> Download application forms from or
> For further information and application forms
> please contact Annemarie Kohn on 08 8267 5111 or
> For examples of GRL's work visit:
> Presented by Carclew Youth Arts in association with the Adelaide Bank
> Festival of Arts and the Australian Network for Art and Technology.
> ANAT is assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia
> Council for the Arts its arts funding and
> advisory body, by the South Australian Government through Arts SA
> and the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, an
> initiative of the Australian, State and Territory Governments.
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manik wrote:


Re: RHIZOME_RAW: Networkism: The Kingdom of God is Within You

The problem of applying logic to accommodate delusion, is that when
assumptions are false, nothing can result. Not to be disrespectful of
the mind that produces an opinion, but if our underlying assumptions are
different, we cannot reach an accommodation. I can accept the
assumption that to some level, each and every human being hopes there is
an afterlife, or hopes they are wrong in denying an afterlife. I can can
understand that some believe (a basic assumption) there is a being who
has organized things such that afterlife exists and that in order to
reach this afterlife in a satisfactory position they must abide by
certain rules in this life. However, my belief (basic assumption) is
that these people are deluded. I can respect a process they might
perform to attain a certain opinion, however if that opinion is based
upon their basic assumption, I cannot respect the opinion itself.

Thus you will need to explain the underlying basis for such statements
as "Art should study and not disparage or dismiss religion" - if it is
based upon your faith then I would probably have to reject this
statement out of hand. If you can place it within a argument that world
peace or some such practical matter might be achieved, I could
effectively listen.


Max Herman wrote:
> Networkism: The Kingdom of God is Within You
> Max Herman
> September 15, 2007
> Kingdom=network=polis=culture
> God