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The McElroys are a husband and wife collaborative artist, technology, and business team who bring significant artistic, technology and community development skills to Corporate Performance Artists. Joseph, is a graduate of Computer Science from Duke University and a former team leader at IBM. He has been a CEO of several companies, and has been responsible for raising $2 million to fund a startup company called, which while part of the dot-com boom and bust, he managed to bring to profitability and which still survives to this day.

Donna was an operations manager and PR specialist in the firms they have started together. She has recently been credited by several business leaders in the Bronx as being "top spokesperson for the Bronx." She is active in many community development projects, such as participating on the Board of the Bruckner Arts and Antique District, and working to promote many Bronx activities through an online newsletter called Cupcake Kaleidoscope.

Joseph was the leader of the Open Source Sig for the New York Software Industry Association. And was track co-chair for Open Source at the 2001 New York Software Industry Summit. He was on the advisory board for PostgreSql, Inc - the leading Open Source Database and has had articles published by Lutris Technologies and Open Magazine on Open Source business models and technology solutions. He is a database expert with extensive Fortune 500 experience. Among other awards, he won an IBM Division Award for Technical Excellence.

From magazine "Open" issue September 2001 - "The McElroys kick open the doors of old business models and capitalize on what they believe." The McElroys have achieved re-known as Open Source visionaries with interviews by Interactive Week, Infoworld, Fortune Technology, Open magazine, and others. Joseph and Donna make no claims of divine insight, but in review by Lewis Lacock, it is said, "that this dynamic duo of art are the closest things we have to true shamans today". They are doing their best to pursue the knowledge to support such claims someday.


* Achieved reputation as Open Source visionarys with interviews by Interactive Week, Infoworld, Fortune Technology, Open magazine among others.
* National Columnist on Money Matters for
* Judge for the Advanced Technical Categories of the Emmys.
* Successfully raised $2 million funding for startup.
* Successfully built and sold two technology businesses.
* First Entry into the Multimedia wing of the Museum of Computer Art.
* Artwork collected by the Library at Cornell University.
* Artwork in the collection of
* Developed first ever Exhibition Catalog completely on CD Rom. Done for Alternative Museum. Reviewed by New York Times.
* Selected to attend first ever Summer Institute for Performance Art at The Kitchen in NYC.
* IBM Division Award for Technical Excellence.
* Various academic, mathematic and scholarship awards. Attended Duke University on a full scholarship in mathematics.
* Poetry published in various journals. Art exhibited in museum shows.
* Certificate of Artistic Excellence from Congressman Jose Serrano.
* Recognized by Bronx Borough President Aldofo Carrion for contributions to the community.
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Re: Re: Re: Internet Art Survives, But the Boom Is Over -NY times

oh. give me a break. do you think there are no conscious decisions to preserve paper, brick, and walls? If we assume the continued progression of our civilization, then there is nothing to preclude the long term preservation of digital media by interested parties.

on the other hand, how successors to our civilization might decide to preserve our digital residue, i cannot fathom at this time.


lee wells wrote:

> I would say that digital computer dependent artwork will die. Will
> become dead-tech.
> Newer operating systems will not be able to view or play the media.
> In
> the next couple years it will be had to find a VHS player to view the
> tapes that were made 5 years ago.
> Painting if done correctly will last for 100's, perhaps thousands of
> years.
> All art is dependent upon the stability of its medium and the
> expertise
> of its creator.
> Cheers,
> Lee
> On Saturday, April 3, 2004, at 07:05 PM, Tim Portlock wrote:
> > But what does it mean and how is it decided for this artform to be
> > dead? Like painting was "dead"? not moving units? conceptually
> boring
> > and exhausted? not getting to the next level at the institutional
> > level? I realise the Walker ratcheting down on digital art means
> > someone has made a decisioin that this type of work is not the way
> to
> > go but what was the sign? Being that I dont live in New York I am
> not
> > privy to the secret doubts that have been whispered about. And I
> find
> > this ironic since a lot of my digital artist freinds held painting
> up
> > as a dead artform only for the situation to now suddenly be
> officially
> > declared the reverse.
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reGuarding Race

reGuarding Race

When I walk through door,
Where they take your bag
Because of deceit,
I often walk through,
Because of conceit,
That I am immune,
To these small defeats.

A guard asks for my
Pockets to empty,
I gladly oblige,
And reveal myself
A sinner, with a
Knife that succumbs to
Gravity. Yet
I face no wrath of
An angry god called
Cause I have
The face to
Match him

I protect her, She
Has a smaller knife
That does not succomb,
She is endangered
Because her face shows
Her grief. A Darkness,
But not the darkness
That some say should be
But is not my shame.

The guard, he winks at me
Thinking of me as
A new compadre,
Enjoying the small
Tortures he can efface
Because of his race.

It's like the bonehead
The guy at J&E
A local speak EZ,
Who has hair
And face like mine,
He confronts me with
Stories of his infidelity,
And criminality,
Expecting me to
Be awed
By his
Blatant disregard
For humanity
Excused by his
Differing progeny.

He expects me
To agree.

I do not.
Nor with
A Former,
Partner in business
Who with pleading
In his voice
And demeaning
In his eyes
States, does not hesitate,
To inform me
Of how
I had
Rid myself
She was
He said
Cause of my failings,
Soon to be me wailings,
She did not fit
In his achromic
He assumed,
Perfumed, rich man,
Was mine.
He thought
He looked
Like me.
But he
Was not
So pretty.
And he was little
He didn't
Stand up
So I rid myself
Of him.
Then gave
His carcass
To her.
She cooked
It up in a stew.
And we feasted
For a year.

Reguarding race
We answer the question like this.
If I am standing on a box
That is six foot tall.
And She is on a box
That is three foot tall.
And we are both
Trying to touch the
Sky. It would be
Pretty stupid for
Me to come down.
So she decides
To get up on the
Box with me.
It makes sense
You see.
I can't help
Her climb.
She can't make
Me crawl.
We can
Just try
To be on
The same
And hopefully
It's the tallest
One we
Can Find.

joseph and donna



Words come to mind.
Names really.



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