Joseph DeLappe
Since 2002
Works in Reno, Nebraska United States of America

Joseph DeLappe is a media artist and educator. Working with electronic and new media since 1983, his work in online gaming performance, installation and sculpture have been shown throughout the United States and abroad. His work engages politics, war, work, play, protest and human/machine relations. Much of his work over the past decade involves taking creative agency in online shooter games and virtual communities. The intent is to create works that are formally and aesthetically engaging while conceptually connecting with the everyday; to reify the ordinary into the extraordinary; to intervene in social and political realities, both real and virtual.

His works have been exhibited throughout the world. Projects have been written about and/or he was interviewed in the following media contexts: , , The New York Times , CNN domestic and international, NPR (National Public Radio), CBC (Canadian Broadcast Company), and The Sydney Morning Herald . He is a native of San Francisco and has resided in Reno, with his wife and twin daughters since 1993.
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Present: A symposium of presentations, papers and panels by current graduate and Phd candidates! - Prospectives '12 International Festival of Digital Art

Wed Jun 20, 2012 11:59

Reno, Nevada
United States of America

Call For Presentations: Attention Graduate and Phd Candidates!

Travel Funds Awarded!

Prospectives ’12 International Festival of Digital Art
October 18th - 19th, 2012
University of Nevada, Reno

Present: A symposium of presentations, papers and panels by current graduate and Phd candidates!

We seek applications to participate in "Present", a day long symposium as part of Prospectives '12 International Festival of Digital Art. Present showcases the work of current graduate and Phd level candidates working with and/or exploring the theories and practices surrounding digital media art.

Feel free to propose individual presentations of creative work, an academic paper or a panel!

If you are enrolled or were enrolled in a graduate or Phd program in 2012, working creatively in and across disciplines focused on digital technologies in your creative practice or academic research, you are eligible and encouraged to submit an application!

Graduate or Phd candidates engaged in creative or academic research exploring aspects a diversity of visual and performative media are encouraged to apply!

Please visit the Prospectives '12 website for application information and to find links to the archive websites of previous festivals!


Prospectives '12 International Festival of Digital Art

Fri Jun 15, 2012 11:15

Reno, Nevada
United States of America

Attention Graduate and Phd Candidates!

Prospectives ’12 International Festival of Digital Art
October 10th through 12th, 2012
University of Nevada, Reno!

“The edgiest little media festival in the world!”
-Joseph DeLappe, Director, Prospectives '12

Call For Proposals: Exhibit, Netart, Perform, Project/Sound, Present, Street!

Deadline: June 15TH, 2012

Prospectives ’12 International Festival of Digital Art highlights the work of graduate and Phd candidates working across all disciplines utilizing experimental digital media in their creative endeavors.

Prospectives ‘12, the third iteration of our festival, breaks down into six interrelated events/venues:
•Exhibit (A one month group exhibition at the Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery, UNR)
•Netart (discrete internet based artworks highlighted through the festival website and accessible at the exhibit venue)
•Perform (A one night event of performances and screenings at The Nevada Museum of Art, Wayne and Miriam Prim Theater)
•Project/sound (An evening of projected, full-dome and standard formatted video and performances/playback of electro-acoustic and sound works at The Fleischman Planetarium, UNR - mono, stereo, and 5.1 surround sound capable)
•Present (A day long symposium of poster sessions and paper presentations)
•Street (Temporary, street level works situated in and around Reno)

If you are enrolled or were enrolled in a graduate or Phd program in 2012, working creatively in and across disciplines focused on digital technologies in your creative practice, you are eligible and encouraged to submit an application!

Creative practitioners working in all visual and performative media incorporating digital systems, including but not limited to: interactive art, robotics, movement/dance, computer gaming, net art, culture-jamming, full-dome video/animation, generative systems, social practice, electronic sculpture, locative media, augmented reality, electronic music/audio art, experimental theater, performance art, telematics, electro-acoustics, sound art, etc. are invited to apply. Collaborations and works-in-progress are welcome and encouraged.

Travel Grants:
A limited number of travel/accommodation grants are available and will be awarded by the festival jurors.

Festival Jurors:
•Joseph DeLappe, Festival Director, Head, Digital Media Area, Department of Art/UNR, -
•Erik Burke, Independent Artist, Reno, Nevada
•Cari K. Cunningham, Associate Professor, Department of Theater and Dance, UNR
•JoAnne Northrup, Director of Contemporary Art Initiatives, Nevada Museum of Art
•Jean-Paul Perrotte, Electronic Music Composer and Lecturer, Department of Music, UNR
•Dan Ruby, Associate Director, Fleischmann Planetarium/UNR
•Dr. Marji Vecchio, Director, Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery/UNR

Deadline for submissions: June 15, 2012


Please send:
•Appropriate documentation of your work, choose one of the following:
-Video: DVD (NTSC, any region), video on a data DVD (.mov or .avi)
-Powerpoint (please limit to five slides of the work)
-URL (provide specific website address for the proposed work)
-Audio: Playable CD, audio on data CD/DVD (.wav stereo - Fleischmann Planetarium is )

•Please create one document to include:
-a 200 word maximum description of your work/proposal, specify the event(s) to which you are applying (Exhibit, Present, Perform, Project/Sound, Street)
- name and contact info of graduate committee chair/advisor
- inform us of any technical requirements and/or equipment necessary to show or otherwise feature your work and what you might be able to provide in this regard. (.pdf or word)

•A separate file that is your CV/resume (.pdf or word)

•Please label/save/mark your documentation clearly as LAST NAME/FIRST NAME - CATEGORY (e.g.: Exhibit, Present, Perform, Project/Sound, Street)

Entries may be submitted in one of 2 ways:
1. Email us a dropbox or yousendit URL from where we can download your entry (please place all documentation in one folder), to: mailto:>

2. Snail mail your entry to:
Prospectives ‘12
c/o Joseph DeLappe
Digital Media Studio
Department of Art/224
University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, Nevada 89557 USA
•If you wish the return of your material, please include a SASE•

mailto:> or

This event is sponsored by the Benna Foundation for Excellence in the Fine Arts, The University of Nevada, Reno, Department of Art and The School of the Arts, The Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery, the Fleischman Planetarium and Science Center, and the Nevada Museum of Art.

Visit the archive website for Prospectives.09:

Visit the archive website for The 1st Reno Interdisciplinary Festival of New Media (RIFNM 06):


Join the Craigslist Revolution! Bashar al-Assad is looking for a job!

Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:15

I've posted an ad on the Craigslist in Reno. Join me please in re-posting this ad to your local Craigslist! Please email me and let me know where you have posted this and send me the URL!

"I am Bashar al-Assad, the President of Syria and Regional Secretary of the Ba'ath Party. The circumstances of my current employment may soon be coming to an end, therefore I am looking for a new job! I will consider all offers of temporary and/or long-term employment. I am especially interested in working abroad. I am expert in all aspects of despotic rule, including torture, general corruption and fixed elections (in the 2007 referendum I received 97.2% of the vote!). While my experience has been resoundingly in the nepotistic dictatorial sector, I would also consider accepting work as a babysitter, dog-walker, prison guard or stand-up comedian. Anything really. My hobbies include crochet, charades and angry birds. References available on request!"


Fri Nov 04, 2011 18:00 - Sat Dec 10, 2011

San Jose, Nevada
United States of America
is a participation-based conceptual project launched in 2007 as an
internet platform for artists, designers, and architects to propose
concepts for memorials to the unrecognized civilian casualties incurred
during the ongoing conflict in Iraq. Works presents an exhibition of
plans and responses selected out of the pool that now exist on the site.
The proposal guidelines encourage participants to use a wide range
of locations and mediums to create collective memory and unity, drawing
upon traditional and expanded ideas of memorial. is
an effort initiated by media artist Joseph DeLappe to call upon the
collective creative community to consider the cost of war from all
sides. The exhibition at Works presents a selection of 54 of the
most striking submissions as selected by two juror’s reviews. Featured
projects span a range of creative practices including:  architecture,
social media, geomapping, performance, video and the visual arts.

EVENT On the Efficacy of Creative Remembrance

Thu Oct 20, 2011 06:30 - Thu Oct 20, 2011

New York, New York
United States of America

Thursday, October 20th, 6:30pm to 8:30pm
The panel discussion will be moderated by project director and
exhibition curator Joseph DeLappe and include project jurors Yaelle Amir, and Raul Zamudio, artists Wafaa Bilal, Matt Kenyon and Sayoko Yoshida.  A wide-ranging discussion will ensue regarding the efficacy of the conceptualization and realization of contemporary memorials, monuments
and counter-monuments to the victims of war.  How do we critically
assess the effect of a project such as What are the
pitfalls and possibilities of developing DIY memorial projects?