Joost Broersen
Since 2009
Works in Amsterdam Netherlands

In 2006 Cinekid celebrated its 20th anniversary. From a modest film festival for children held in the autumn school holidays, Cinekid has now grown into a substantial organisation that throughout the year develops activities for children in the areas of film, television and the new media. Alongside the annual Cinekid Festival, Cinekid has developed activities that are in harmony with a generally acknowledged demand in the field for the growth of knowledge, the transfer of expertise, the development of product and the stimulation of education.

The Cinekid Foundation's goals:

* to stimulate the quality of visual culture for children
* to stimulate the active and creative participation of children in the media with a view to strengthening their position in relation to the media, in part through the creation of ‘taste' and a critical attitude.

Primary activities
In order to achieve its goals, Cinekid identifies four primary activities:

The Cinekid Film, Television and New Media Festival for young people aged between 4 and 14 (Amsterdam), preceded by a series of school performances (Amsterdam); a satellite programme held throughout the Netherlands: Cinekid On Location (30 cities, 15 days); a programme in Suriname (together with The Back Lot).

Aimed at the broad financial framework, the exchange and encouragement of knowledge, the stimulation of co-productions and the general strengthening of media productions for children. Activities during the festival: a programme market, two co-production markets, seminars, master classes, expert meetings en international training programmes.

Education in Media and Culture:
A fully integrated educational programme held throughout the year.
Aimed at: primary school and context, the first years in secondary education, after school activities, extracurricular activities, Colleges of Education, cultural centres, institutes / companies.

Cinekid Studio:
In the promotion of media education, Cinekid has developed a free online production and communication platform, with tools, with which young children can design and create a broad range of media productions. This enables and encourages communication: at home, in a special ‘educational environment', and with a number of project partners.

Given its own aims and the broader demands of society, Cinekid focuses, both during the festival and in its educational programmes, on development of the intercultural field defined as Child and Media. This core activity is a central element in Cinekid's primary activities and includes trainings, test, knowledge, development and innovation programmes.