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Life As Mommy

My name is Tiffany and I am the author of Life As Mommy. I would like to start by saying thank you for visiting my site. I am going to assume that you are going to be a new mommy, you are a new mommy or you know someone who is, otherwise you would not be looking at this website. If you are going to be a new mommy I would like you to know that you are starting a very exciting and important journey in your life. You will never fully understand what it is like to be a mother until you experience and while it is exciting and fulfilling, it can be very frightening.

I know that when I found out I was pregnant my emotions were all over the place. Yes, part of this was hormones. However, some of these feelings were simply related to the reality that my life was going to change tremendously and this was frightening. I kept a lot of my feelings to myself because you are suppose to be excited about the new birth and the new journey you are going to embark upon. Once Michael was born I had an opportunity to think about those feelings and that is where the idea for my book began.

I started thinking about how my emotions and concerns were real and they needed to be recognized and dealt with. I began to realize that I may not be the only expecting mother who has had these feelings and concerns. Maybe others feel the same but they are afraid to talk about it? I wanted to let expecting mothers know that the concerns and fear you experience throughout your pregnancy, during child birth and once the baby is home are real and they are normal. My goal was to help women become prepared for these emotions and help women work through them in productive ways. So, Life As Mommy was born.

You are going to find that this book will bring to light the emotions you may be feeling and it is going to provide assignments that will help you deal with these emotions and ease the stress of becoming a new mom. We often feel afraid and overwhelmed when we feel like we do not have any control. These assignments are meant to help you become prepared and ready to carry out your new role as mommy. I hope you find this book enlightening and helpful! You are going to love being a new mom just remember to think of yourself from time to time and you will be great!