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1. kindergarten age 5 ( refused to get off of toy red metal farm tractor) parents had to be called to school to get me off the tractor. FARMER DNA exposed. 2. Tommy Makem of Tommy Makem and The Clancy Brothers personal family friend visiting home on long island thereby influencing musical desires and appreciation. meeting many celebrities during my lifetime. SKIP to NOW hanging out with Carolyn Wonderland. FREE TOMATOES in late august. Sorry refuse to cooperate based on religious preferences(NONE) chan "zen" buddhist/Athiest "Superstition is ignorance". Lao Tzu. Feel free to inquire for more information.
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Holding Pattern

The sound company the band it,s ALL on hold. Transportation issues! (sucks really)


YAK ReMiX networking

Yes we currently are looking for a 15 foot long VAN. Commercial 1 ton diesel or gas For our band "YAK ReMiX" and my sound company THE WiZ & Babylon John SOUND as well as others needs. Or anything suitable, Everything is kinda on hold right now, renting from u-haul sucks......we lost money on our sound gig because of them READ THE FINE PRINT! $19.95 a day my arse. Travel/transportation is the big expense.......really.


'Corrected link' for interview with Joseph Young, of The NeoFuturist Collective.

hey! check out my last thread post! Don,t be a bolshavick or Noid-oid or metro-yuppie wanna BE........'bABYLon joHn" drummer for YAK ReMiX is LIKE? IS music and art dead yet as a viable way to make a living or survive? aRT/mUSIC/aRT/mUSIC/aRT/mUSIC YAK ReMiX@myspace YAK ReMiX@myspace FREE MUSIC=starving musicians...who are trapped in boring dayjobs or worse! HELP HELP!(laughing and smiling!) yeah this is fun, this is "REAL" peace brothers and sisters......THE END.



We seriously need a sponsor or another financial agency. We have no Agent manager or sponsers yet? We need a 15 FT. long van for the BAND and the sound Company. I would consider investors who would like a %($) of our success. Imagine if you could buy stock and get a dividend from Nirvanna? The Beatles? Pearl JAM? PHISH? How did they scrape up the money to do thier 1st tour? We Barely have the resources to travel to get to gigs....presently. Any suggestions on a positive note would be appreciated. "babylon john" drummer for YAK ReMiX@myspace FREE SAMPLE means being a musician a dead end? YAK ReMiX YAK ReMiX (yeah don,t quit your day job is getting OLD!) yuppies and metros who are employed are ahead.......? WE are behind? aRT/mUSIC/aRT/mUSIC/aRT/ IT deAd yeT?