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1. kindergarten age 5 ( refused to get off of toy red metal farm tractor) parents had to be called to school to get me off the tractor. FARMER DNA exposed. 2. Tommy Makem of Tommy Makem and The Clancy Brothers personal family friend visiting home on long island thereby influencing musical desires and appreciation. meeting many celebrities during my lifetime. SKIP to NOW hanging out with Carolyn Wonderland. FREE TOMATOES in late august. Sorry refuse to cooperate based on religious preferences(NONE) chan "zen" buddhist/Athiest "Superstition is ignorance". Lao Tzu. Feel free to inquire for more information.
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"YAK ReMiX" is Kyle Veenema Lead Guitar Vocals, Jim Turner Bass, John McArdle Drums. Any questions? WE PLAY CORNELL University "Thumpty" Thursday April 8th....The owner of RAGMANNS Pub asked us to return. No date scheduled so far.



Hey! Cyber puppies! Whats UP? YES my band "YAK ReMiX" is a freaking blooming success. We have played several LIVE shows now and are recieving awesome crowd response. We just did a show march 27th saturday nite @ Ragmanns in ITHACA NEW YORK. Standing room only people outside waiting to get in. Our BASS player Jim Turner had a friend of his named "Ian" who has a dank Hip Hop group named "ORGANIC SOUNDS" open us for us the 1st hour WE rocked it next. Awesome show! I wasn,t really all totally down with The hip hop music scene as I,m an avid Phish Dead head type fan. I have to say I was Really impressed and genuinely liked thier show.It had me bobbing my head and gyrating! We plan on letting them open for us anywhere we can. We may end up opening for them Too at thier gigs!-It,s ALL GOOD! The owner of the club asked us to please return next month "SUCCESS"! NEXT GIG CORNELL UNIVERSITY "THUMPTY" fraternity private invite PARTY as far as I know? ANY PRESS? please contact me babylon john john mcardle. THIS IS ON THE WAY! drummer for yak remix babylon john........Any questions or comments? PEACE!


Interview with Casey Reas and Ben Fry

Yes someone has to believe in and promote this consumer based petro-chemical age, sure why not? Um...? except for me,OK? Yes! Lets keep creating all new computer models new programs intricate new electronic toys gimmicks faster sleeker less expensive? Did I say less expensive? Less? City dwellers having thier incomes absorbed by landlords.The rising prices of groceries. The landlords and banks and investors buying all new and faster computers and more rental properties. Yes lets get on with this downsizing and seperation of the haves and have nots. Whats in your wallet? American Express? Or are you just going into debt deeper and deeper to promote your cyber cafe wireless laptop coffee drinking metro lifestyle? LMAO...( laughing) I live in the country way upstate New York. The small farm is paid for. No mortgage! Property taxes paid. Right now we have almost 100 yellow pear cherry tomato seedlings as well as various other squash peppers cucumber seedlings growing. As well as a new greenhouse frame being built getting ready for the 2010 summer gardening season. Today is March 24th, around May 1st we will contemplate planting seedlings acording to the weather patterns. Right now it,s relatively warm for early spring.Tulips and snow crocus are up fast and early! Maybe global warming will be good for me in this part of the world? Hmmmm? (Something to think about) I,m using an old used recycled computer that still uses a modem it barely gets my yahoo mail. Takes minutes to load a page sometimes! I,m just low income not trying to be enviornmental or saving the world or anything. You know? buy used when practical recycle re-use rethink etc. Silicon valley will be replaced with vegetable gardens I just know it! (yeah right?) SCORE! yuppies 281 enviornmentalists ZERO. We will see who wins in the end? "YAK ReMiX" my band is getting booked we are playing Ithaca Rochester Binghamton area. Have a nice summer! PEACE.



The internet sucks for the low income, they end up at public librarys checking thier e-mail having limited time and access restricted. This consumer based petro-chemical age is simply creating a larger gap globally of haves and have nots.Library lines and waiting areas. I see light at the end of my tunnel. Alot of these people with thier wireless laptops hanging out @ cyber cafes in most major cities acting all cool and sophisticated are in for a big surprise when they get downsized. Thier landlord raises thier rent and they lose medical benefits and thier job seeks budget cuts.The now free wireless access will be upgraded to a pay as you go system. People with cell phone plans? Call me on the weekend I have free minutes? You idiot how much are you paying overall for your cell phone account? I see a lean green future for myself.Emphasis on lean. Obamma single payer health care?Oh wait now it,s health care reform? For lower income?(laughing) Call me on your cell phone or e-mail me about 2 or 3 years from now, YOU will see then.....The wealthy republicans are sitting back laughing sitting on thier money Which will probably never be fairly allocated. TAX The RICH feed cloth house and provide medical care for the lower income and poor. Again laughing.......Money talks bullcrap walks, bicycle or public transportation? City dwellers renting will be squeezed my 30 year old son is living in a shed on long island where normally they would keep thier lawnmowers and kids bicycles. I seen the handwriting on the wall along time ago. Yuppies middle class and lower middle class will be financially squeezed and victimized. CONSUMER BASED petro-chemical system wins! YOU LOSE! THE END. say hello to Bill gates for me. Oh he isn,t as wealthy anymore? Nevermind......LMAO. HEY thanks I feel so much better now? yeah right?



Oye! Cyber puppies! Happy ST. Patricks day! Yes! my parents are from Ireland. I went to 4th grade there in 1964.Northern Ireland-pre-troubles. Amazing childhood experience for an IRISH american child. My band "YAK ReMiX" will undoubtably be visiting Ireland on our WORLD TOUR. You can now sample our tunes at-"YAK ReMiX @ myspace" sure why not? We are playing clubs and booking. We have no agent as of yet and have not been signed nor do we have any corporate sponsorship(which we really need!) so call me "babylon- john" @ph # 607 863 4005.For booking! Also I,m partners in a sound Company as well so We will be having an Upstate NEW YORK BABBa-LOOZA festival- music/bands/artists/camping etc. (private party) JUNE 26th 27th SATURDAY full moon, Sunday ALL Birthday is june 28th ART/MUSIC ART/MUSIC ART/MUSIC