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1. kindergarten age 5 ( refused to get off of toy red metal farm tractor) parents had to be called to school to get me off the tractor. FARMER DNA exposed. 2. Tommy Makem of Tommy Makem and The Clancy Brothers personal family friend visiting home on long island thereby influencing musical desires and appreciation. meeting many celebrities during my lifetime. SKIP to NOW hanging out with Carolyn Wonderland. FREE TOMATOES in late august. Sorry refuse to cooperate based on religious preferences(NONE) chan "zen" buddhist/Athiest "Superstition is ignorance". Lao Tzu. Feel free to inquire for more information.
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International Video Art Event

The Armagh Rhymers. My parents are from Keady Co. Armagh REAL authentic old school Irish music with the mummers thing and "THE hape of the lies" Silly non-sensical story telling Like humor. I believe thier work has been entered into the Smithsonian or some High Falooten group here in the USA. I remember reading about that. Just cannot remember the name of the prestigeous group who had them documented. FEEL free to say hello or comment to me "bABYLon joHN" (presently the drummer for "YAK ReMiX")-(yak remix @ myspace for sample of music) also a band named "LeThAL InjecTiON" I have a small body of work presently aRT/music/video.


L@TE: Friday Nights @ BAM/PFA

We(YAK ReMiX) want to play a NEW YORK city area venue we are presently upstate New York Ithaca Binghamton Syracuse Rochester area. For The Summer 2010. Any suggestions? Our music can be sampled @ myspace. YAK ReMiX@myspace Again any suggestions or input? Thank-You.


TIME and FREE WILL By means of LACTO



Wikipedia Art

YAK ReMiX YAK ReMiX YAK ReMiX Cornell University ITHACA NEW YORK "THUMPTY" Thursday April 8th YAK ReMiX YAK ReMiX YAK ReMiX. babylon john john mcardle drums..............kyle veenema lead guitar vocals..........Jim Turner Bass.


Touch Not My Anointed (2008) - Double Happiness

I normally do not ask for pepperoni on my pizza. I could use that laptop, wanna sell it?