John Crocker
Works in Santa Cruz

I am an artist of the 21st century. I build off previously dominated forms of media to stretch contemporary definitions of what art can be. I am in the process of making a video game that will change global morality by uniting races, religions, and different sets of beliefs. This new consciousness will be reaches by showing users that different opinions and ways of living is healthy, and should be cherished as well as respected, not something to fear or hate.

These five pieces of new media strive to create a stronger global awareness of common issues. This is considered new media not only because they are stretching the boundary of where they created their art, but also because they're trying to point out different aspects of our consciousness that needs improvement. Each of these pieces points out one aspect of how we can change in order to make this world a safer and healthier place to live. These works are not just art, but they are masterpieces that portray a sense of faulted morality, making the viewers consciously critique issues commonly overlooked. Sharon's Daniels work in 'Public Secret' is similar to the work of these artists shown here. I cherish these art pieces, because they make me critique ideas that have been forced into my subconscious through clever media tools and advertising. Thinking outside the box that has been provided for us (through television, music, media, etc...) is what will help this world and individual consciousness get rid of these prehistoric issues such as war, drugs, sex, and violence.

The Internet has an exponentially massive amount of information. Web surfers are constantly bombarded with images, video and texts, which are often controversial and against what one believes to be true. Vannevar Bush would hate how unorganized the Internet has become today as well as how polluted the space is with false information. Knowing this, he would have an appreciation for these works because they're striving to help everyone understand things that are commonly overlooked and not discussed. These pieces point out issues that already exist, but portray them in contexts, which are new, creating a stronger awareness if the user attempts to decipher the theme behind the art.

Semiotics play a key role in each and every one of these works. They're all images created on new forms of technology which help users relate on a deeper level of understanding because of how familiar the viewers already are with that form of technology.