jim ryan
Since 2005
Works in Lansing, Michigan United States of America

i was born in ireland, moved to the usa after secondary school, and now live in michigan. i work as a physician, and composer.

deon foster and i started shenanigans.tv, and have released dvds.

my work has been seen at;
ann arbor film festival
detroit electronic music festival
viper festival
decibel festival
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Re: NYC Observer, a Trilogy

one can find greater satisfaction by looking out of ones window


animated and graphic score: call for works

Sun Mar 06, 2005 00:00

Dear Rhizomits, on behalf of the Rattling Wall Collective in Dutch, i would like to put a call to all artists interested in submitting material for our next project.

for the past few years our collective has been performing animated scores that i have written, using a variety of techniques, software, etc.
examples can be found here

For this next project we'd like to perform works by other artists. these pieces would be rehersed, played live, and ultimately recorded and reseased as a dvd in 5.1 surround by the Rattling Wall Collective in Dutch.
a) works could include interactive pieces written for max/msp/jitter, flash.
b) pieces could be submitted on dvd, or vhs as directional scores in a non-interactive way.
c) electronic audio may be integrated into the score if the artist so wishes.

jim ryan



Ray Johnson inspired dvd distribution

Wed Mar 02, 2005 19:12

After watching 'How to draw a Bunny' i was inspired to send 10 dvds of new surround sound audio video art to anyone interested. i don't want any money for these dvds, rather an opportunity to randomly connect with people. those interested should email me: jim[at]smallbrainrecords.com with their street address.