Jimmy Sadoski
Since 2004
Works in Richmond, Virgin Islands United States of America

Pryor to studying art first in Virginia and later New York I spent several years in maximum security prisons. Drawing upon my varied life experiences gives my work a look at the dark side. Sometimes with a tongue in cheek approach.
Raised in the capital of the Confederate States of America,I'm a real Red Neck and have been known to include the eating of pigs feet in perfomances in New York. Crossing the bounds from southern delicacy to being shown as fine art in a NY gallery.I'm having so much fun!
Working with every thing from found objects, materials such as bronze,wood and aluminum,now video and performance.You might call me a conceptual sculptor.Who is not so much interested in any particular medium but whatever material best conveys the concept. My videos and perfomances carry social and politcal content and have exhibited in several countries .