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Jim Andrews does http://vispo.com . He is a poet-programmer and audio guy. His work explores the new media possibilities of poetry, and seeks to synthesize the poetical with other arts and media.
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Reading in Seattle, Sat Nov 10: Carletta Wilson & Jim Andrews

My friend Joe Keppler has a show up of steel sculpture in Seattle, so I'm
going south to see the show. He's a terrific poet, sculptor, sound artist,
photographer, and performer. His steel sculptures are very interesting and
often provocatively literary. Not concrete but steel. Meeting Joe back in
the 80's was a turning point in my life; Joe and some other artists in
Seattle I met back then have a strong intermedial, polyartistic side to
their literary work that makes Seattle a special place of literary

On Saturday Nov 10 I'll be doing a reading, as will Carletta Wilson, at
Joe's show of steel sculpture. I hope you can make it.


Reading @ FSL /GALLERY
619 N. 35th, Suite 100, FREMONT
in the cul-de-sac
north of the PCC
parking entrance

Nov 10, 8 pm


doors open


lovesick zombies

i like it too. it's great to see way out there poetry way out there on the
net eluding the forces of dullness. alas, like christina, i did not elude
the level 5 rude zoo thingies. possibly because large numbers intervened to
obscure my bazoom and the harrying, intermittent penises.


> Jason, !! This is my most favorite ever of all your amazing works.
> I can't get past level 5 possibly because
> I am trying to keep shooting and I don't want to read your game
> theories. Alarmingly, the statistical
> zombies are shooting me.
> D.O.A.,
> xxc
> On Oct 27, 2007, at 12:15 AM, Jason Nelson wrote:
> > all, a new game/artwork
> > it's a first draft, so any and all comments
> > are met with brilliant gratitude
> >
> > title: Alarmingly, these are not lovesick zombies.
> > http://www.secrettechnology.com/zombie/lovesickzombie6.html
> >
> > cheers, Jason Nelson


Networkism and Heroism

Don't be too hard on yourself and the rest of humanity, Kandinskij.

According to cosmologists, the universe is about 15 billion years old. Earth
is around 4.5 billion years old according to geologists. Life has existed on
Earth for about 3.5 billion years according to biologists.

Life on Earth is, then, only one order of magnitude younger than the
universe itself. Our own existence is but a blip in time, but we inherit
bodies and natures that are practiced in 3.5 billion years of evolution on
this planet. We are, at most, but one order of magnitude less evolved than
anything else in the universe.

So, although we have a long way to go simply to survive the next 200 years
(and our own nature), we have come so very far and are, truly, sentient


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> Sent: October 26, 2007 11:17 AM
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> Subject: RE: RHIZOME_RAW: Networkism and Heroism
> On Thu, 13 Sep 2007, Jim Andrews wrote:
> > However, Max, we're on the cusp of quite a different era in intellectual
> > history.
> This is hysterically sentimental & patronizing, as all other
> human-aggrandizing events.
> > We're close to understanding how the brain codes information.
> You ARE?!
> > That will be as significant a discovery as DNA
> Rofl. "You" "discovered" DNA?
> Darwin was a parlor trickster entertaining "enlightenment" hausfraus.
> > and Darwin's ideas. But coded. Not necessarily in a language.
> Revewrting to complete monkey state?
> > Does there need to be conscious beings involved
> > in the formulation of a language? There almost certainly isn't
> in the codes
> > the brain uses to store information. What separates code from language?
> No, somanbulistic ra-ta ta in the dark,
> naked "romanian" prostitutes
> + a random shotgun in the night.
> Who needs consciousness to craft language?
> { cf. "solar taxes Max" }
> > This question is related to the question of whether computers
> can make art,
> > or make significant art.
> We are completely un-significant.
> You are totally + personally "important".
> A votre service.
> > In any case, the pursuit of these questions bring us to a deeper
> > understanding of our own natures, as well as that of code,
> language, art,
> > and maybe wisdom.
> Reeeaaally?
> o
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> + + +
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> _________________________________________
> `, . ` `k a r e i' ? ' D42


net art apps

None of the videos on Youtube change video in the way Youtube and its ilk
change video.



Re: RHIZOME_RAW: Garden of Memespelunk

> Please see:
> http://www.netarts.org/mcmogatk/1997/index.html (1997) for more
> detailed and realised work.
> For me SL is still The Palace meets VRML..., in a proprietary environment.
> Eric

Can you get any of this working on your machine? I couldn't. Using what plugin, if so? Have a URL for that plugin?

It seems totally abandoned.