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Jillian Mcdonald is a Canadian performance and media artist, transplanted in Brooklyn. Her work has been shown most recently at Moti Hasson Galery in New York, La Sala Naranja in Valencia, Spain, ArtMoving Projects and Vertex List in Brooklyn, Paved New Media in Saskatoon, Video Pool in Winnipeg, and 1708 Gallery in Virginia.

Mcdonald teaches Digital Art at Pace University in NYC and is co-director of Pace Digital Gallery. http://www.pace.edu/digitalgallery

Website: http://www.jillianmcdonald.net
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Jan 15 - Bring in the Clones - vertexList, Brooklyn

Sat Jan 15, 2005 00:00 - Sat Jan 08, 2005

Bring in the Clones
Jan 15 - Feb 6, Vertex List Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
138 Bayard Street
please join us at the opening Saturday Jan 15, 7-9 pm featuring a performance by Stefan St Laurent and Jason St Laurent
and musical improv from Troostite starting at 9pm (free admission)

Doubles + Twins + Clones (oh my)
The artists in Bring in the Clones feature human or animal doubles in their work to emphasize the fantastical, dehumanizing, captivating, humourous, and unsettling aspects of seeing or being ‘more than one’. Digital technologies faciliate the easy twinning of images and creation of a fantasy-scape inhabited by clones, but more importantly permit us to visually probe our position in a utopic or dystopic future where split cells, twin tricksters, pleasure-doubling look-alikes, and misrecognized doppelgangers are decidedly less rare yet just as uncanny.
• artists: Jose Carlos Casado, Yevgeniy Fiks + Ivan Razumov, John Gerrard, Jillian Mcdonald, Tricia McLaughlin, Jason St. Laurent + Stefan St. Laurent, and Liselot van der Heijden


Me and Billy Bob at the Drake Hotel - Toronto Nov 2-29

Jillian Mcdonald
Me and Billy Bob at the Drake Hotel
November 2 - 29, 2004
The Drake Hotel / Toronto / 1150 Queen St W

Gallery TPW and Images Festival is proud to present Me and Billy Bob at the Drake Hotel, an off-site project by Jillian Mcdonald. Mcdonald’s funny, touching and at times absurd video, photography and performance exposes her romantic obsession with actor Billy Bob Thornton. Taking over the Drake Hotel on Toronto’s Queen Street West, with wit and poignancy Mcdonald’s media work speaks of desire, celebrity and misplaced intimacy.

With Me and Billy Bob Mcdonald has digitally inserted herself into existing film clips as the recurring object of Thornton’s affection. She has also ‘tattooed’ Billy Bob’s name on her skin daily, drawn his tattoos on her own body, and performed a drum solo for Thornton on his birthday. On November 25th you are invited to receive your own Temporary Billy Bob Tattoo from Mcdonald. Premiering on the Drake Hotel’s in-house TV channel will be two site-specific commercials - Mcdonald's personal congratulations to Billy Bob on the occasion of his Hollywood Star of fame, and her lament over his recent cosmetic surgery.

Jillian Mcdonald is a Canadian and Brooklyn-based artist. Her video and web works have been exhibited internationally. She first noticed Billy Bob during an in-flight screening of Bandits. Her work can be viewed on her fan site www.MeAndBillyBob.com

Jillian Mcdonald is presented in association with The Images Festival. The 18th annual Images Festival takes place April 7-16, 2005, for more information: www.imagesfestival.com

MEDIA CONTACT: Kim Simon, Gallery TPW Programming Coordinator gallerytpw@photobasedart.ca


Re: Pace Digital Gallery Presents Tuesday Night Talks: Cory Arcangel, 7PM

Tue Nov 09, 2004 00:00 - Fri Nov 05, 2004

Cory Arcangel's talk has been changed to Nov 9, due to the elections. Please join us at 7pm.


digital artist in residence

Mon Jul 05, 2004 20:48

Digital Artist-in-residence

The Pace Digital Gallery and The Center for Advanced Media (CAM) is pleased to offer an artist's residency beginning Spring 2005. This is a pilot program. We are offering a digital artist the opportunity to work with CAM's resources to produce a new artwork.

The Center for Advanced Media (CAM) Is a collaborative research environment located in Pace University's School of Computer Science and Information Systems in downtown New York City. Its goal is to develop computer-oriented, human-centered systems that help people solve problems by transforming the way they experience the world and the way they collaborate within it. CAM is founded on Pace University's collective faculty experiences in software engineering, human-computer interaction, information visualization, and computer graphics. These computing fields are fundamentally human-centric, with design as the common approach to complex representational problems. Because visual artists, musicians, and writers possess different perceptual, design, and representational skills, CAM is interested in augmenting its computer science foundations with participants who work in the arts and humanities to broaden the research and educational mix.

The Pace University’s Digital Gallery is an outgrowth of CAM's conceptual foundation, executed as the combined initiative between CAM and Fine Arts Department. Its goal is to foster the creation and understanding of digital art for the benefit of Pace University and the surrounding community. It furthers Pace University’s commitment to educational excellence, diversity, and civic involvement by exhibiting curated work of leading digital artists, as well as the work of Pace faculty and students. It sponsors lectures and symposia on digital art, and supports publication of materials for its documentation and promotion.

The Digital Gallery’s first show entitled Digital Downtown opened to rave reviews in Spring 2003. Since then it has co-hosted a Pan-American collaborative performance event titled Accelerateur, and an installation of video works entitled Screen Kiss. Its current online exhibition eBay: Buy or Sell or Buy, will run through September 2004. An evening of artists' talks was organized and catalogue issued in conjunction with the eBay exhibition.

The artist-in-residence will have the opportunity to work with CAM faculty and students whose research includes computer graphics, virtual reality, image processing, human-computer interaction, and collaborative computing. This work is supported by technology that includes a virtual reality display system, networked PCs, multi-display and plasma display systems, projectors, video cameras, scanners, etc.

The artist-in-residence will be expected to produce a new artwork during their tenure at Pace (January 30 - May 10, 2005), which will remain the property of the artist. Pace Digital Gallery will produce, with the artist, a printed brochure about the work completed in residence, and will expect the artist to give a presentation of their work to the Pace Community and the general public. Pace Digital Gallery will also feature the artist on our website, and in gallery space at Pace University. There will be a modest stipend, but no living accommodations are provided. Access to equipment will be Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 6:00PM, and Saturday from 8:00AM to 3:00PM.

Pace University affirms its commitment to the principle of equal Career Opportunities as stated in Federal, State, and local laws, which prohibits discrimination because of sex, race, age, ethnicity, marital or domestic partnership status, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, disability or veteran.

Artists will be chosen by a jury comprised of the gallery directors, as well as a local artist and curator.

Pace University Digital Gallery
Francis T. Marchese and Jillian Mcdonald, co-directors

Applications due Oct 1, 2004

Please send via mail (email applications will not be accepted):
1. cover letter and project description, describing how the work proposed relates to the artist's body of work
2. CV, bio
3. work samples - DVD, CD-Rom, URLs, etc
4. SASE if you wish your work to be returned

Prof. Jillian Mcdonald
Pace Digital Gallery
41 Park Row #1205
New York, NY 10038


'EBay - Buy or Sell or Buy' exhibition and artists' talks

Thu May 06, 2004 00:00 - Mon May 03, 2004

Please join Pace Digital Gallery in NYC this Thursday May 6th at 6:45 pm for the lanch of our online exhibition 'EBay - Buy or Sell or Buy'. The 10 artists and artist-teams will be present to discuss their work in the exhibition.

An exhibition catalogue will be available.

details and directions. http://www.pace.edu/digitalgallery
info. digitalgallery@pace.edu