Jennifer Garza-Cuen
Works in Providence, Rhode Island United States of America

Jennifer Garza-Cuen burst into anonymity at an early age. The daughter of an ex-bullfighter and a defrocked minister, she initially set out to find herself amongst the glitterati and well born, with whose life she wanted to become acquainted.

After years toiling on the runways of Europe and the Americas, Garza-Cuen soon began to take on assignments from Panamanian drug lords, celebrity photographers and shadow governments, until she came to the realization that consciousness doesn’t take sides. Disillusioned, she began a quest to locate and document the root of human desire, which took her from the icy tundra borders of Tierra del Fuego to the battered ruins and carnage of Ancient Rome.

Jennifer Garza-Cuen is currently doing her MFA in Photography at the Rhode Island School of Design. She began her most recent renderings of human desire and abandonment in the place where it is bought and sold daily, Reno, Nevada.

Chris Cole, 2010