Jess Loseby
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Jess Loseby is a digital artist from the UK whose main medium is the internet. Her work ranges from small and intimate online installationsto large scale digital projections and video. In a relatively brief time, her work has become known internationally such as the ‘cyber-kitchen’ (lead artist and co-curator) and ‘the Digital Pocket’ (lead artist and co-curator), which is currently listed in the Whitney Artport. In August 2003, she became the first virtual artist in residence at (FurtherStudio) one of the first virtual artists residencies of its kind. She has exhibited in digital festivals such as the Split Film Festival, Pixxelpoint 2003, FILE 2003 and the Stuttgart Filmwinter. In 2003 she created interactive digital sets for the production of ‘The Dadaists’ at The Met Theater in Hollywood. Also in 2003 she was also awarded a grant from the Daniel Langlois Foundation, with the resulting work 'views from the ground floor...' being currently exhibited internationally.

Thematically, her projects continue her fascination with borderlands and ‘beautiful seams’ between the ubiquitous worlds of computing and the ‘real’ (domestic). A staunch opponent of new media's absorption with VR, her on and offline installations create flows and streams in the relational space of art and technology. Loseby’s unashamedly low-tech approach to new media build comparisons of the network and digitally (in its frustrations, attention to triviality and repetition) as absurdly compatible to the female domestic routine.

Jess Loseby has 3 children, 2 wheels, 1 husband and 0 days off.

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Re: Thinking of art, transparency and social technology [was : they must not be very bright]

hi again,
understanding comes before engagement in parenting..??!
(knee-jerk reaction:)
Please explain when you write back - I can understand why these could be classified as
process-led but not how understanding comes before engagement in your examples.

> > I wondered if there are any other parallels with the art.objects
> > outside of net.object where this is apparent.
> The short answer: Yes.
> Where: Education. Parenting. Business. Journalism. Health. Software
> development --just to name a few.
> More soon.
> / l i z a



Re: they must not be very bright

apologies - house full of ill children and I'm trailing behind the thread...

> so, if you want to use flash, that's cool. but just do it having
> decided to make your work for folks on IE/winXP and not the web in
> general. in fact, i can't think of anything that works well locally
> AND the web. even Java acts more differently on different platforms
> than they admit. But we have always assumed, if we make it for the
> web, it should work everywhere. very little actually does.
Is it true that *we* always have assumed that it will work everywhere? Limitations set by
software, viewers hardware, connections speed, plug-ins have always had to be a
consideration for artists no matter which platform they themselves favoured. Have artists
really believed that a work was globally accessible simply because it was on the net?

When I first starting making work for the I used to get it in the neck for 'proofing' work
on lists to check what problems people had. The response form the * technical
department* was that I should now these things before I started if I was doing things
'properly' (always seemed mildly patronizing). I do proof them myself now on various
systems but I don't think I pick up as many issues as I did when I asked others to look - I
simply can't know all the variables. My observation is that a majority of artists seem
well aware of the viewing issue inherent on the web and respond in a number of
different ways. Many appear to 'spread' their work amougst a variety of formats that will
make a certain amount accessible to each group in the knowledge that very little will be
accessible to all. It seems a bigger problem for artists who will only produce work using
one particular technique, but what do you say to them - diversify?

My feeling generally it that it still bandwidth (particularly outside the US) that is the
primary mediator to what people can and cannot view rather than browser. With the
extension onto PDA's etc this is even more of an issue. I know viewing work on a pda for
the first time for me was a wake-up call - like jumping back 6 years where i waited
patiently on the end of a dodgy dial-up to view works I was told were 'multi-platform'.

A best I would say that the all that is possible is to recommend a particular browser or
connection speed but know that you may never be able to do enough to be accessible
to all. The rise of adware and the necessity for anti-spam/pop-ups, raised browser
security has restricted previously accessible work unless you are happy to reconfigure
your browser in response to each site. As I said, I also use firefox and safari on a mac
as well as IE on a pc and these issues seem affect all equally.

I went to look at a friends stunning VRML datascapes the otherday, changed browsers,
downloaded the software I needed, tweaked various settings and then my processor
was too slow and it all fell over. Would you argue that he should he stop making them?

I'm interested in your thoughts in this, not trying to be pedantic:)



Re: XP service pack 2

Hi jack,
I do feel its pointless getting into a mac v. pc debate as its almost religious in
commitment - tolerance and understanding is all we can hope for between users:) Still I
can't help but think these articles are not accurate or unbiased. In the first one for
example, I see what this article is saying re software, which is a interesting (and possibly
crucial) issue. However, he are uses dell prices for the case *against* a pc - I mean
anyone shells out 2grand to dell for an off-the-shelf pc of that spec needs help and
advice anyway...! I notice the mac prices are without the monitors too. Yes, I love the
flatscreens but we are looking at


Re: XP service pack 2


late in the day and the thread got a bit *heated* as far as I can see but I've been reading
about this with interest. I also like the full screen (chromeless) capacity of IE had have
shied away from installing service pack two because of so many posts on differing lists
saying that it caused problems with a number of software. Some of my work I do within
the browser (as if it addresses the net directly then I feel the browser should be the
context anyway) but sometimes I like to have full-screen - its creates an intimacy
between the viewer that is otherwise not possible (in my opinion I hasten to add). If my
usual fullscreen java doesn't work under SP2 it will be a real shame. I think Pall
suggested adding a link to a downloadable projector file but I think they are nasty clunky
things still. I simply cannot understand why the bundle is so unwieldy - call me a cynical
old witch (*oy y'cynical old witch*)but I think its just laziness on macromedia side.
Projector on MX2004 is just a pants as on F4

I also check my stuff with firefox and safari. I have a sad and demented obsession that I
have never once managed to make a work that is multi-dimensional (such as VFTGF)
which doesn't send safari sobbing onto the floor. If I ever manage to create a work that
doesn't crash it my job will be done and I might have to quit:)

In the flash forums where I am often found lurking, it is a common complaint that safari
throws up enormous problems with actionscript, and (in particular) javascript via
actionscript (often to control page sizes & browsers) I have no idea (and no-one has as
yet been able to enlighten me) as to why this is. I haven't been using MX2004 long
enough to know if this is still the same with actionscript2

btw SP2 apparently also can disable the dongle on cubase SX if you're interested but
cubase on a mac is like doing the ironing in the rain.

I'm not going to go too far down the mac v. pc road as nowadays I use both but many of
the argument in terms of monopolies and accessibility against pc users I feel are
somewhat thwarted by the astronomical price of macs which I consider has a far more
mediating influence that any search engine.

just some thoughts (delete to taste)

jess. o


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