Jessica Paulk
Since 2005
Works in Providence, Rhode Island United States of America

Jessica Paulk is a multimedia artist/designer whose work critically examines the continually evolving relationships among art, design, and technology, as well as the possibilities inherent in the intersection of science, physical/electronic computing, digital media, and space.

She is less concerned about traditional form-making; instead, her work explores the areas where space, image, time, physicality, and the ephemeral overlap. Jessica takes an active role in the ways in which digital media and technology shape the design of our world, ranging from her small graphic pieces to large-scale architectural installations. One of her most recent works, Critical Mass, examines, exposes, and responds to critical social issues, reclaiming public space by creating humanistic forms of expressions out of the very technologies that impact our lives.

Jessica Paulk received her Bachelor of Environmental Design degree in Architecture from the University of Colorado at Boulder and her Master of Fine Arts degree in Digital + Media from the Rhode Island School of Design.