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for list / news Columbus Day week

A game about the true histories of the Americas.....

Launch: Columbus Day!

Debut: Friday, October 11th @ 5pm

Race in Digital Space Conference
MOCA Auditorium, Los Angeles

Inspired by the similarly titled mural by David Alfaro
Siqueros- subsequently whitewashed in Los Angeles in 1932-
Tropical America explores the causes and effects of the
erasure of history. From the battles of Bolivar, to the
single-crop economy of Cuba, the myth of El Dorado and the
poems of Sor Juana de la Cruz, Tropical America reveals a
forgotten terrain, the birthplace of contemporary
cross-cultural life.

The user’s quest begins not before a massacre, as it is often
the case in first-person shooter games, but rather after a
killing occurs. The story of Rufina Amaya, sole survivor
of the 1981 massacre of El Mozote in El Salvador, where more
that 1,000 people died in the hands of the Atlacatl
battalion, becomes the contextual anchor for "Tropical
America", and the impetus from which the user will begin
their journey.

For "Tropical America", El Mozote symbolizes the silencing of
one people’s histories and the perseverance of its survivors
to bring the events into the open.


A project of OnRamp Arts, 2002

OnRamp Arts is a non-profit media arts organization whose
mission is to create and produce collaborative, innovative,
digital media projects that bridge new technology, the arts
and local communities.

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: a video game inspired by the real
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