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The Rematerialization of Art

Speaking as a collector, I find this discussion fascinating as it relates to my interest in extending my collection to include dematerialized mediums such as Internet Art (the most ghettoized of all media art) . Rather than ask for the re-materialization of art, as if I need a 'object component' to lock up in my house in order to claim ownership, I want to find an alternative model for collecting non-objects, immaterial 'things', or code-based work.

In considering how to collect Internet art I'd like to toss out the following propositions:

Proposition 1: 'owning' internet art implies the responsibility for hosting. Owning a work of Internet art becomes an act of patronage

Proposition 2: The collection should live by the motto "disseminate or die" -the collector participates in making the immaterial,

Proposition 3: owning internet art (media art) implies the responsibility/ for preservation, emulation, and documentation. I.E. The Variable Media Project.