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Call for Artistic Proposals and Submissions_An ILLUMINATED iDENTITY (Images Festival Toronto)

Sat Dec 15, 2012 00:00

Toronto, Canada

DEADLINE: December 15th, 2012

for addition information contact curator David Hanes:

Open Call: Undergraduate and Graduate student artists working in and responding to a question of identity and individuality in a context of the Future-Present (democratized
surveillance, weaponized branding, mobilized e-motions, and mythological realities).

XPACE/IMAGES festival is seeking proposals from student artists who are interested in responding to a question of the Future-Present. One could think of the term "Future-Present"
as being a condition in which our dreams of the future collide with the reality of the present and where the real and imagined world are as one after the idealized World of Tomorrow has been dissolved. We live in a world that integrates technology with daily life, causing physiological
and psychological shifts, giving us a kind of cybernetic lens in which to view the world. A lens that not only affects the way we think about ourselves and the world but also the images we use to represent that world. Now that peoples, places, and things are all accessible at the click of a button, what does it mean to be an individual in our contemporary condition and how are our identities formed? Proposals should consider the space the artwork occupies, the media used and its relationship to the subject in question, and a thorough understanding of the relative condition being: the Future-Present.

Proposals are encouraged to be innovative and critical but also visually stimulating and sensorially provocative.

Examples may include, but are not limited to:

    Electronic Submissions only can be sent to:

    Deadline: December 15th, 2012

    Include in your submission:
    - images of the proposed work (or relevant work) or a link to a website and/or youtube/vimeo
    - MAXIMUM of 6 images (72dpi @ 768 x 1024)
    description of the proposed work, including physical qualities, spatial and hanging needs,
    - technical requirements, etc. (max. 150 words, PDF only)
    brief artist statement and biography (max. 200 words, PDF only)
    - CV (2 pages MAX, PDF only)

    For addition information contact the curator of the project David Hanes:


    Five Videos: Jennifer Chan's I Like To Watch

    The correct, NSFW/original "I Like To Watch" by Chris Korda is hosted on his website: (Porn won't stay on YouTube)


    Recommended Reading: Net Narrative catalog

    I really enjoyed reading about the political dynamics of postinternet and the complexities of artistic subjectivity that using different platforms fosters.

    as for the question""What happens when a network that is the product of collective intellectual and social labour becomes commodified without the consent of that network?"

    An expected answer is that people get angry and defensive, distrust academics who don't practice art but theorize it, net veterans act like you are on their turf...intergenerational and intersubjective conflict as far as i know :o

    I think this is a progressive move though, because people who have practices based on lulz and net kitsch for example start voicing their dissent or feeling like they have something at stake (for example, the "new media community" vs. Claire Bishop) and become more open to talking about their practices instead of the refusal or inclination to non-verbal means to discuss their work.


    Art on the Beautiful Island

    wayjayth, thanks for the correction and my apologies for misinterpreting the nationality of the artists. It was absolutely my mistake for misreading the Chinese names for being people from mainland China/of Chinese ethnicity. I grew up in Hong Kong; I should know better.

    Overall I feel like Rhizome cultural reporting overlooks media art in Asia (not their fault if no one is based there) and I happened to see that show and wanted to mention my experience of it.


    Ongoing Call for Submissions: YOGUY / TIME BASED FOREVER

    Fri Jun 01, 2012 13:55

    Call For Submissions / YOGUY / TIME BASED FOREVER


    YoGuy is an online place for video and performance art.

    Our aim:
    - To preview and showcase video and/or film from any artist or person that is willing to contribute.
    - To see and meet other people through the work they create.
    - To be a hub for everyone to enjoy.

    YoGuy has a 24/7 open call that will be updated weekly and it is our hope that you will contribute to its growth and prosperity.

    Check us out:

    Contact us anytime: