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Rhizome Today



Rhizome Today

I for one prefer semantic and clean, "pretty" URLs. -_-


Rhizome Today

The video does an interesting pun-play on the phonetics of "ai" which people predominantly associate with love in the first main tone (there are four tones for a word in Chinese, each would mean a different character with a vastly different meaning)

As we hear "cancer baby" she flashes the Chinese character for "love" (愛) (ai) with one for "cancer" (癌) (ái) (at the end. "love/love/love/ love/ cancer!" In an interview she said she was trying to make cancer cute.

Check out the UTERUS MAN video by the way. I believe that is her sci fi magnum opus.


Getty Images: Still Kinda Sexist?

Agree. Analyzing an argument for what it leaves out and doesn't do, instead of what it achieves is kind of red herring imo.

The existing economic conditions demand women to be complacent with being overworked && underrepresented, overworked && parenting, overworked && un(der)paid in order to stay in work... I don't think radical refusal (of work) is an option for precarious positions many women fill in the cultural and service industry. Admin and teaching come with low turnover and little upward movement and such a heavy reliance on professional networks... can you really act out? I don't think <i>Lean In</i> was insinuating that women weren't working hard enough, but that they already do and that they could boast their skillz more without feeling like a target for negative attention. To Sandberg this seems like a change worth making.

I think dis images were made to tickle the artistic eye :)
It's photography about stock photography. They probably wouldn't be the first freelancers and advertisers would approach. I think this article could be stronger with suggestions of how stock-photography-proper could adequately and diversely represent women's working conditions...


Crazy, Sexy, Cool

Sat Dec 14, 2013 00:00 - Wed Apr 30, 2014


Anthony Antonellis, Kim Asendorf, LaTurbo Avedon, Andrew Benson, Jon Cates (with Ei Jane Janet Lin), Andrea Crespo, Kate Durbin, Emilie Gervais, Gaby Cepeda, Carrie Gates, Shawne Holloway, Georges Jacotey, Matthew Hillock, Faith Holland, Nick Kegeyan, Rollin Leonard, Chiara Passa, Absis Minas, Rea McNamara, Sara Ludy, rosa menkman, Lorna Mills, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Tristan Stevens, Ben Valentine

CrazySexyCool is the name of TLC's second studio album. Selling over 23 million copies worldwide, it was the best-selling album by a girl group in the United States, and the second in the world by a girl group after Spice Girls' Spice. My favorite TLC member was Lisa Lopes and my favorite Spice Girl was Sporty Spice. In my twelve year old mind, Sporty Spice was the whole package: crazy, sexy, and cool. I was obsessed with finding everything I could know about her.

In the same vein of passion and interest, sex and gender exist heterogeneously on the internet, from the carnal and kinky to the paraphilic and asexual. I invited artists to make gifs of what they thought would challenge or intensify existing ideas of gender on the internet. What I received: tits, yoga, rocking people, dogs, cybergirls, cocksucking, to name a few. It is entirely possible viewers don't think anything on this reel is crazy, sexy or cool. My mental boner remains flaccid as I scour the web searching for erotic stimuli. Nothing ceases to amaze or titulate anymore; there is constantly too much sexy in the media, in my mind, and at the club. What becomes of interest to me now is less so the content, and more often the artist's gesture of appropriation as a considered act of celebration or subversion of sexuality and sexiness.

"What are you into?