jennie stenhouse
Since 2003
Works in La Jolla, California United States of America

Jennie is a student in computer science , Visual arts and other stuff. Currently studying at UCSD on a year exchange but from New Zealand. Intreasted in Human computer interaction on an biological ,intimate and cultral level.
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Jennifer Stenhouse * Jennifer Lee

Our application, "Jiminy," which gets its name from Pinocchio's cricket conscience in the Disney movie, is a mobile conscience for the tech-savvy community. We developed this application in the hope of exploring a number of areas including social responsibility, user vulnerability, surveillance, dependence on technology, and peer pressure. As artists, should we have a responsibility to treat our audience in a particular manner? In our project the users played both the role of audience member and participant, and we treated them in a malicious manner.

Users of many systems, particularly context aware systems, make themselves vulnerable when they agree to interact. For example, [1], an online lifestyle/dating service, requires that users register their location, age, sex, interests, etc., to view profiles of potential "matches," forcing the user to sacrifice a certain amount of privacy in exchange for access. The site also provides helpful advice about what perfume or clothing you should wear on your date. Do the gains of entering such a relationship outweigh the costs? In his essay, "Locative Dystopia," Drew Hemment discusses how the new role of surveillance systems is interested in "producing not docile subjects so much as better consumers." The desire for efficiency now goes beyond commercial enterprises and permeates through the cultural domain. Hemment states that "the mobile phone in many ways encapsulates the new relationship of power better than any other technology


Data Made Me Do It

These three projects are collaborative works integrating the use of wireless and mobile technologies to create artworks and/or performances. By communicating through a UNIX server, these students from the University of Califonia, San Diego are able to deliver static or dynamic WML using Java Servlets or JSP's. Wireless Access Protocol will be used for technical exploration while the development of the project will be the primary conceptual concern. These projects were created so that students could challenge the traditional idea of computer art by moving into a real world experience.

Advanced computer programming in the arts,vis141b,
at the University of California, San Diego,
Winter quarter 2004