Jeff Thompson
Since 2006
Works in Hoboken, New Jersey United States of America

Jeff Thompson received his BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and his MFA from Rutgers University. He is currently Assistant Professor and Program Director of Visual Art & Technology at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Thompson has exhibited and performed his work internationally at venues include the Sheldon Museum of Art, the Taubman Museum of Art, SITE Santa Fe, Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, the Jersey City Museum, and the Weisman Art Museum. Recent commissions include Rhizome, Turbulence, and a project on haptic and non-visual videogames from Harvestworks.

Thompson has presented his projects at the CAA, FATE, and SECAC conferences, as well as a talk for TEDx. His visual and written projects have been published by Ugly Duckling Presse, the Parsons Journal for Information Mapping, and Leonardo Electronic Almanac (MIT Press), among others. In addition to his studio practice, Thompson is an active curator, mounting exhibitions with the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art and Art MicroPatronage, as well as through Drift Station, a curatorial collaboration that mounts international, experimental exhibitions.

You Know We're Living in the Computer Age? Computer History According to Law & Order

Artist Jeff Thompson received a Rhizome commission in 2012 for his project Computers on Law & Order, for which he watched every episode of the long-running television series and took screenshots of all the computers. Thompson will present an illustrated lecture based on the project  this Saturday, Feb 1 at 4pm at the Museum of the Moving Image, followed by a discussion with Law & Order graphic designer Kevin Raper. In this article, he shares some of his findings. 

In the fall of 1990, a television program about crime, police investigation, and criminal trials named Law & Order aired for the first time. The show eventually ended in 2010, tied with Gunsmoke for the longest-running live-action television show at 20 seasons and 456 episodes.[1] With its unique (and consistent) style and trademark "dun-dun!" sound, Law & Order has generated several spin-offs and can likely be found playing at any hour of the day somewhere on cable.[2]

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Open Call for Works Dealing with Change and Evolution

Wed Nov 16, 2011 17:00

Lincoln, Nebraska
United States of America

Curated by Angeles Cossio
Deadline for submissions: November 16th, 5pm CST
Exhibition: December 2 – 30th
Opening Reception: Friday, December 2nd

Drift Station is interested in works/objects/ideas that use change and evolution as their core premise. We encourage the submission of works that change during the course of the opening reception and/or the run of the exhibition. Submission of recipes, performance scores, videos, generative work, sounds pieces etc.… is encouraged.  We are especially interested in recreating works/performances in the gallery with materials that can be purchased for $25 or less from a supermarket, hardware or thrift store.

Works that will be considered for the exhibition:
- Works that change over a period of time in the gallery
- Works that can be recreated in the exhibition space
- Can exist solely as instructions or scores
- Video/sound files/ images - anything that can be transmitted digitally
- Can be shipped for under $10
- Objects and ideas that would not be normally
considered artworks but fall within the parameters of the call (writing, music, performance, scientific experiments, etc…)

- Your name
- Location
- Website of other works (if available)
- JPEG’s or a URL to view representative images or media files for the piece
- A short paragraph explaining how your work relates to the concept of the exhibition


Please note we cannot accept video/sound files attached to emails or direct download links (such as YouSendIt).  We encourage artists without websites to use SoundCloud and Vimeo.

- - - - - - -

Started by Angeles Cossio and Jeff Thompson in the summer of 2010, Drift Station acts as a non-traditional curatorial platform for innovative exhibitions, art, music, and performance based in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. Working within limited geographic and financial means, we are rethinking how art can be transmitted not transported.  We are interested in exhibitions that allow artistic projects from around the world to be seen in locations that might not otherwise have access.


Call for Midwest Game-Makers: games++

Fri Nov 04, 2011 09:00

Lincoln, Nebraska
United States of America

Organized by Alex Myers and Jeff Thompson  
Friday, November 4, 2011  |  9am-9pm (make games)  |  9-11pm (play games!)
Drift Station Gallery  |  1746 "N" Street (at 18th)  |  Lincoln, Nebraska, USA


Do you make video games? Board games? Other games of a less well-defined category?

games++ is a 12-hour game development event where participants build games from scratch in a defined time period. Designed as a collaborative, communal making experience, games++ lives up to the heritage of its name: to incrementally add to the pool of amazing, experimental, one-off games in the world.

This event is a low-key, hard-working environment designed to get you making in an intense way - something that can be hard to do when sitting at home. Collaboration and conversation is encouraged and there will be mini-sessions throughout the day to encourage discussion, beta-testing, and general good-times.

games++ is open to video game makers, artists, programmers, psychogeographers, designers, and anyone else interested in spending a day making something from scratch.  Don't make games? Come at 7pm to watch artists and programmers put down the finishing touches, then at 9pm you'll be able to play the newly-minted games.

+  No planning or advanced work allowed! While you can do research and general brainstorming, participants are required to start games from scratch, including ideation and outlining
+  Participants are required to bring all necessary hardware and software for building and playing your game; those wishing to build analog games should bring any tools and materials needed
+  Games must be ready to play (in beta form, of course) by 9pm
+  Have fun and talk a lot!

games++ is entirely FREE and includes:
+  High-speed wireless internet connection
+  Coffee and donuts
+  Free drinks at the opening reception (for those of age)
+  Laser-cut games++ badge
+  A chance to collaborate and get feedback on your work

Please note, running this event costs approximately $30 per person. If you can, donating to this event would be appreciated!

Those from outside the Lincoln/Omaha area are encouraged to participate. Lincoln is just a few hours from Kansas City and a day's drive from Chicago, Denver, and Minneapolis - make a weekend of it! If you have questions about travel arrangements, please feel free to contact us.

Drift Station Gallery is located in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska near lots of great food/drink options.


Call for Sound Art: "Chopped and Stretched"

Fri Aug 19, 2011 05:00

Lincoln, Nebraska
United States of America

While the duration of most human-generated sounds are determined by the information they communicate, musicians and sound artists working at the margins of time have created fascinating works built with sounds of extreme brief- or long-ness, from Iannis Xenakis and Curtis Roads’ micro sounds and punk rock’s energetic brevity to John Cage, Indian ragas, and Justin Bieber’s "U Smile" played at 800%.

"Chopped and Stretched" is a sound art exhibition examining the extremes of duration.  We are looking for sounds that challenge our ideas of scale and time using innovative techniques and technologies to mince, mangle or stretch sounds, resulting in works that are beautiful, alarming, startling, or horrifying.

Accepted works will be played in the gallery on headphones via MP3 players; artists whose work requires a computer or other mechanism for playback are encouraged to contact the gallery before submitting work.  Sound artists, experimental and traditional musicians, and field recordists are encouraged to apply, as are scientists or engineers working with audio.

In addition to the gallery exhibition, Drift Station will release a limited edition compilation CD with all included works (or excerpts in the case of longer pieces).  Participating artists will receive three copies of the CD, including handmade packaging and essays about the exhibition.

Please send the following to

+ Your name
+ Location
+ Website of other works (if available)
+ URL to play sound file online
+ A short paragraph explaining how your work relates to the concept of the exhibition

Please note we cannot accept sound files attached to emails or direct download links (such as YouSendIt).  We encourage artists without websites to use SoundCloud, a free online service for hosting streaming audio.


Started by Angeles Cossio and Jeff Thompson in the summer of 2010, Drift Station acts as a non-traditional curatorial platform for innovative exhibitions, art, music, and performance based in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.


mailto: call for art, writing, etc

Fri Jun 03, 2011 23:00

Curated by Angeles Cossio & Jeff Thompson  |  June 3-24, 2011  |  Opening Reception: Friday, June 3

A gallery, an email address, and a printer – anything received will be printed and exhibited.

Drift Station Gallery is pleased to announce an open call for "mailto:", an exhibition built around the open portal of an email address.  Beginning immediately, works or messages of any kind can be sent in the body of an email or as an attachment to:

Emails received through the end of the opening reception will be printed and hung in the gallery.  Drift Station welcomes submissions by artists, writers, scientists, or anyone else interested in participating.

“mailto:” argues for a curatorial practice akin to chaos theory or aleatoric musical composition – that the initiation of a specific but open structure creates unexpected and diverse results.  As the digital files (up until this point infinitely malleable and scalable) reach the printer, they are made manifest as fixed, physical objects; when hung on the gallery wall they each represent a small document in a curatorial process divorced from the geographically-focused perfection of the unique art object.

An electronic catalog will be produced of all emails received and published after the exhibition at our website, including an essay by curator Jeff Thompson.

Spam-bots, start your trawling…

- - -

Started by Angeles Cossio and Jeff Thompson in the summer of 2010, Drift Station acts as a non-traditional curatorial platform for innovative exhibitions, art, music, and performance based in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.


Instructions for Initial Conditions

Wed Nov 03, 2010 00:00

United States of America

Instructions for Initial Conditions
Deadline: November 3, 2010
Exhibition: November 5 - 29, 2010

Drift Station Gallery and Parallax Space are pleased to announce a call for artworks for their upcoming exhibition “Instructions for Initial Conditions”. The show will consist of instructions exhibited as artworks, either to be carried out by the audience or realized in their minds. The audience may participate or not; directions can be towards present actions, future gestures, thoughts of past events, or impossible actions; participation can be individual or group.

In Chaos Theory, the initial condition refers to a simple starting point that, when the system is set into motion, is radically transformed into an unpredictable result. Works for this exhibition should describe the initial condition by which an artwork can be made or enacted. The work may use traditional or non-traditional materials, be performative or socially integrated, be text- or sound-based, be purely poetic and only to be realized mentally, or in another unforeseen form. The pieces need not be actually realizable; in other words, they can be impossible or purely conceptual.

Guidelines: - Fit on an 8.5 x 11” sheet of paper with at least 1/4” margins; larger images will be scaled down
- Instructions will be printed in black and white on a high-quality laser printer
- You may include your name on your score if desired; a key to the participating artists will be created so signing your work is not required
- Files must be in PDF, Word, Adobe Illustrator, or image file (png, jpg, gif, etc) formats
- Resolution should be high enough to print; files that are too low quality will not be included

Email your instructions to

- - -

Started by Angeles Cossio and Jeff Thompson in the summer of 2010, Drift Station acts as a non-traditional curatorial platform for innovative exhibitions, art, music, and performance based in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. Parallax Space, started by Marissa Vigneault and Bill Graham in August 2010, is an exhibition space in Lincoln, Nebraska, devoted to thematic presentations of contemporary artistic production in a variety of media.