Since 2005
Works in Wattenwil Switzerland

1972: Philippe born in Bern
1976: Melanie born in Bern
2001: Dominic born in Bolligen/Bern
2002: Cécile born in Wattenwil/Bern
2003: Showroom in Wattenwil; several exhibitions
2004: Family-Art-Weblog
2005: Exhibition LIFE1[at]METTLEN in Wattenwil and opening of the family-museum
2005: Fonlad On Line Festival for Digital Arts (22.Okt.-30.Nov.) in Coimbra, Portugal / Presentation at Fonlad Madrid
2005: LIFE2[at]SPACE: Live-Performance (29.Okt.)
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LIFE2[at]SPACE - performance by JeanRichard

On Saturday, October 29th, 10am (MEZ, Swiss Time) JeanRichard shows an online performance in Upstage:

// LIFE2[at]SPACE //
// 3 works of JeanRichard, 4 avatars, 5 props //

This is the first public performance to be staged in UpStage by a group other than Avatar Body Collision (the creators of UpStage). JeanRichard is a Swiss family of artists who began using UpStage a few months ago, and they love it so much they've already reached the point where they are ready to give their first public performance.

To join the performance, you don't need to be logged in; just go to where there will be a live link to the stage from one hour before the performance time. And the performance time is:

1am California
4am New York
9am UK
10am Switzerland
11am Finland
6pm Australia (NSW/Queensland)
9pm New Zealand for other local times.

JeanRichard - Family Art
Lischenweg 8
CH-3665 Wattenwil

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